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Recent content by Arya

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    BHK's Party

    Party? I love parties n.n Anyway... I don't think Sora will be in his party at any point... not being Sora would just be like... woah.
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    BHK's necklace

    Nope. Ansem ruled Hollow Bastion. He experimented and created artificial Heartless, and those he made artificially he put Hollow Bastion's insignia on.
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    KHU V-JUMP Details

    Music game boss... battle?! -stare-
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    BHK's necklace

    Now that I think about it, perhaps the Organization's symbol is also the symbol for Twilight Town, which might be why BHK's necklace looks like it. You know, like the Heartless symbol was also Hollow Bastion's symbol. -shrug- It might just be coincidence, but I recall Nomura once saying that...
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    All Worlds? I Hope Not

    I hope they hide a few worlds, I'd like to be surprised.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Repeating this sure gets tiring... Namine SHADOWED Kairi in Sora's memories. That doesn't mean she is Kairi, or in any way connected. She just pretended to be Kairi. It doesn't have any hidden meaning or anything...
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    Dusk/Heartless half theory

    That's the Organization's symbol on the Nobodies.
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    BHK's awakening

    ...No. Anyway, I think the disks just carry on from one another like they used to do in the FF games, and the story switches from BHK to Sora.
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    Sora is Hotter

    Right. Whatever. Obviously you are so arrogant there's no point even speaking with you.
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    Sora is Hotter

    If you actually read what I said, I didn't once mention you could touch a video game character. I simply meant that because they look like humans, some people might find them attractive. Just like people think they are cool, or because of their personalities, etc. And about freedom of speech...
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    Sora is Hotter

    And fangirls are never going to meet Orlando Bloom, yet he still has fans. I feel sorry for you if you've never been attracted to anyone before, and perhaps it is you that needs a life if that is the case. And seriously, get some manners and keep your opinions to yourself in future.
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    Sora is Hotter

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I've seen Kairi fanboys before, so the guys can be quiet.
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    Riku's not a Keyblade master... he was supposed to be, but then he chose darkness so the Keyblade chose somebody else.
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    I don't think Sora will go to the dark side or anything, he is light, he wouldn't be able to use the Keyblade otherwise just like Riku when he chose dark over light.
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    where is deep jungle?

    Yeah, I didn't like Deep Jungle either. Nomura probably heard that many KH fans didn't like it and decided to miss it out. Either that or they couldn't be bothered. xD