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  • I'm uh, already in a party. Also I kinda want to stay in Vulpes. Sorry. :/
    It says your PM storage has exceeded in amount, so I have to post here.
    If you ever think about wanting to cosplay as Riku as well, by all means go for it.
    Unicornis huh? I'm Vulpes though I use to be Leopardos. :)
    If there's one thing I'd like for you to get into your head,
    it's that people are liable to go to their bed.
    The reason why you never heard a peep,
    was because little old me was fast asleep.

    Now to answer your question, an answer that may make you cry,
    I regret to inform you, why yes. I'm a guy!
    Crap, not again.... Uh, sorry about that, but I just found out my Skype account has been banned again. So I won't be able to do anything on Skype until I get this mess sorted out. :(
    Ah, now I see what the problem is. I read that you'd be able to search me through my email address, so that's what I gave you. But since that's apparently not true then I'll just PM you my username.
    Wait what? I do want to add you to my contacts on Skype, but I didn't get any sort of notification. I thought I gave you my info through PM.
    Why does it matter if you're straight?
    I thought you were simply looking for a mate.
    I'm surprised by the appearance of the gender patter.
    All I have to ask is what does it matter?
    Alas, I am nobody new.
    I've been on here for far more than a year or two.
    Keep your chin up. I'm sure it will be okay. If you haven't already, it might be best getting professional help when it comes to anxiety and panic. It's never a good idea to put that stuff off, and can be detrimental to your own mental health.
    All the best.

    Remember, cats don't deserve hate.
    They should all go on a date.
    I apologise, and I guess we should part.
    I hope you enjoy your Mario Kart! :D
    You asked me if I liked cats the other day.
    So I figured I'd let you know without further delay.
    Hot weather? Sorry to hear. I've gotten hot weather here at times but today was okay. :)
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