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Recent content by astral_key

  1. astral_key

    I've been good! Got back into the swing of catching up on anime! You?

    I've been good! Got back into the swing of catching up on anime! You?
  2. astral_key

    Things I've been wanting to say. Hiatus needed.

    Hey everyone, so I know that you all haven't heard from me in awhile. For the longest time, I've actually went back to lurking here in the forums even though I joined it. Now to get straight to what I've been up to. So my birthday has recently passed of course around December. I turned 23. I...
  3. astral_key

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I beat KH 1.

    Going forth into October, I spent the last few weeks grinding from a lvl 59 to LVL 99! I also got the Aerora ability from one of the Trinity Points in Never Land. Then as I fought Ansem, I felt REALLY strong and never expected to go past his 2nd form. I went far and beyond and then finally beat...
  4. astral_key

    Hey guys! Here's a video I want to share! :)

    It's me again. I just wanted to share a performance that has touched me very deeply tonight. As of now, I need to sleep and give myself a lot of rest. I haven't been feeling well from an internal perspective, but I think sharing this here can somewhat lift the burden and to connect with other...
  5. astral_key

    Update on BBS.

    Ok! I'll keep in mind what you said. I have 8 proteins equipped. I'm not sure of the names of the commands I have but they're action commands for sure. I have Cure added onto my deck as well.
  6. astral_key

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation I'm really excited for Tangled to be featured for KH III so in a way we could see Rapunzel and Flynn. If Frozen becomes a possibility then so be it. Maybe Hans can be the boss? What I'm looking forward to if they ever add Star...
  7. astral_key

    Update on BBS.

    Thank you! Tbh, I actually did Aqua's story first then Ven's, then currently beginning into Terra's. :D
  8. astral_key

    Update on BBS.

    I already beat Aqua's actually.
  9. astral_key

    Update on BBS.

    Hey everyone so, today on the 20th of August I finally beat Vanitas on Ven's story and now in the process of playing Terra's story! Just wanted you all to know on my progress. :D
  10. astral_key

    Is anyone here familiar with the Bayonetta series?

    I just..love the series so much. I have Bayonetta 2 and have seen a play through of the 1st game. I'm also going through Bayonetta 2 in 2nd Climax mode! Do any of you admire the series too? :o
  11. astral_key

    Hello! A new new newbie here!

    Wow. It's been a long period of time since I joined a forum! I also joined this out of spite and along with the fact that I have been playing KH games more recently. I just recently got back in the mood of playing BBS on the 2.5 collection! :D Also here to somehow if not manage to see if I'll...