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  • Huge fan of naruto. Watched code geass, DB, DBZ, DBGT, Zoids, Cyborg 009, Gundam, Rouroni kenshin, FF, etc.
    I'm a huge bleach fan. I never saw a point in Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood, if they already had a series. lol.
    I liked his style of fighting more than Xemnas though. Xemnas was a ripoff of Star Wars. Hey, can i add u as a friend?
    I hate how animes always kill off bad ass characters like Ansem, Itachi, Axel, Kimimaro, and Ulquiorra. With some disease or not enough energy.
    haha, i know what you mean. i used to do the same thing with my avatar and signature.

    btw: rep would be greatly appreciated :)
    a girl named amy went to school with me before i graduated. and...well, she's not loose. lol, so when something is cool i say it's "tight like amy".
    Hmm...if you say so. xD I saw the movie before reading the book and thought it was an okay movie :E But after having read the book, I do have to say that the movie is..well..to put it bluntly, bad. D:
    Yup I loved it too - and still love it :D Don't worry about what others say, what's important is that you like it. <3

    I'm reaaally looking forward to the fourth and final book, but unfortunately we have to wait for quite awhile until it comes out :E Do you have any idea if they are planning a movie on the second book?
    ...I must say that I really like your new name, especially since I've become a huge Eragon fan (I'm in the middle of reading book three :3 )!

    Nada, man.

    Sunday's are chill days for me. Might finish another chapter in Mother 3, but that's about it. Yup, sucks having nothing to do, but meh... it's good being boring sometimes. ;3
    Hah. I guess I'm no better. =P

    It's almost 12:30 where I live - I'm not that sleepy, either. I'm about to log out though, since nothing interesting is currently happening. Bah. >.>

    Got any plans tomorrow... or should I say 'today'? lol
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