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  • Just gotta find your rhythm and move on, so I'm sure you'll be back in the game soon. If its make you feel better, you can lean on you m, ya know. I'll be there to help you along the way :)

    That doesn't sound good! -debates on running for my life- X'D

    Kind of would have made it more creepier, had it been a brain instead of a head. Still that was a good call, on your part. Otherwise it would have led to more questions, of how the boy manage something like that.

    I see, yeah, I don't like it much either. Still I have a lot of patience, so it helps keep my cool down. Do you have a stress reliever? Like a massage ball, that you could squeeze, to get rid of the tension? Or anything to make you feel better?

    Sorry, to hear that, you don't get to read books as often as you would like to. So you could have finished it in 13 hours, thats impressive :)

    Good, could use a book like that, to keep me interested. Aw, that's kind of sad, the author died :3


    1. In that case, it shouldn't be a problem and won't disappoint you, when you go to read it.

    2. So, you would like me to write it out too? Guess I will then, just gotta get the ball rolling with everything.

    3. I see, was gonna say you were able to predict me, but it depends on how each of they're roles go. You would be right about one of your guesses though.

    Oh, sorry, my bad!

    Here, let me ask you some questions to.

    What do you like to eat?
    Do you like soda or cookies at all?
    Do you like sports?
    What kind of music do you listen to?
    What's your favorite movie?
    What games do you like to play?
    Are you a Sony or Nintendo fan?
    Do you keep anything on your person? Like something you can't not have with you at all times. (like an iPod for example)
    What's the weather like by you?

    Also, Hi! How are you today, Auron?
    I know, that was pretty disappointing. It makes since, though. I hate to admit it, but she wouldn't have been too much help, since she was probably around the same skill level as Sora was towards the beginning of the first game. Plus, she wasn't exactly wearing practical clothes for a fight. But maybe in the future she could get stronger and join Sora and Riku out there.
    So yeah, I'm a big fan of nintendo, sega, and square. Also I love pizza, hot dogs, books, comic books, manga, music, and I write fanfics.
    I'm sorry, Auron. Thats pretty horrible, to have that happen to you. Are you okay?

    You can go ahead and try, Auron X) But if you keep complimenting me, I'll probably burst, when you do.

    When it comes to reading a Certain Hut, you can be somewhat predictable. Like for instance, the pot. You could have put two important things inside of it, a heart or a head. You went with the head, which was my number one choice. Now when it comes to you being unpredictable, you do that very well. Like, instead of the traveler leaving the hut a third time, you had him discover a trap door, and get locked inside of it. Which causes me to speculate and try to guess, what your next move in the story will be. Sometimes I hit the mark and other times, I'm way off. Which is why, I say your "Both unpredictable and predictable".

    Well, what do I know, someone goes through the exact same problem as me. In other words, yes, that happens to me quite often too.

    My, my, this is quite interesting. Another fast reader, never thought I would see the day, when I meet someone like myself in that category. Pretty much, the opposite of me, for reading books that quickly though. "The Great Book of Amber" sounds very long and fascinating to me. I'll have to check that out of the library, to see what it's about.

    Right, sorry about that, I keep dragging that out.

    Story Number 1

    Pretty much, yeah. There will be action in it, so it won't just be about romance, the entire time. (I've only come across it, maybe once or twice, in a book. Wasn't impressed by it myself, simply because they won't elaborate more on it). Glad you like the idea, Auron. Gonna try my best with it and see how far, I can go with it.

    Story Number 2

    Yeah, it is ^^' it's the only story, I haven't actually been certain about writing, despite the other ideas, of what I could do with it. Otherwise, thanks for saying that, Auron. I value your opinion on this one in particular.

    Story 3

    Are you sure, you want details? X'D don't worry, I'll have the next installment up, eventually. (I have something important, I have to fulfill, which luckily I can get all done tomorrow and give my undivided attention to this, once more).

    Since you asked, Kyle is going to go under more changes, that will become more noticeable throughout the story. Gabriel is going to do what he can, to stop Kyle from losing himself entirely. However, Ren will interfere with this and Julian will see to it, that Kyle falls. From there, the rest falls to Kyle, what he does to his friends, who will either be taken down with him or keep him from falling, under Julian's ways. One character in paticular, will probably die.

    Ahem, now for a string of questions:

    What kind of music do you listen to: I listen to all varietys, except for country and metal. I like rock, pop, and alternative music the most.

    What do you co-write: Fanfiction, essential. I'm partnered up with Layndx Reborn. I'll say this much, when we first started out, it wasn't great entirely, plenty of grammar problems, but it got better over time. Here's the link, in case your interested: http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/160162-our-kingdom-hearts-fanfic-total-randomness.html

    I have also done requests, in the fanfic section. If you would like to read some of them, I'll provide you another link. (oh yeah, you don't have to read them, or any of these, really. Figured, I would save myself the trouble, of having to get them later). Here's the link: http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/166737-random-mixture-one-shots.html

    How do these roleplay fights begin: Can start, pretty much over anything, really. Remember how I said "I'm stubborn"? Well, sometimes I disagree with my friends, over certain things. So that's how a few of them start, while other times, it's because we're bored. Actually, another paticular reason, is that a friend of mine, brought me to the dark side, lol. It kind of all falls back, to me being stubborn, over something :) its fun, though.

    What kind of poetry do you like to write, (style-wise): Hard to say, really. I've only done it twice, that I'll provide you the links, and maybe you could tell me, if you don't mind.

    This is the very first one I've ever done: http://forums.khinsider.com/poetry/167423-since-day.html
    This one is the second: http://forums.khinsider.com/poetry/167601-my-mind-made-up.html

    How often do you run: I used to run, almost everyday. Nowadays, I'm only running two-three days. Since its summer time, I have to run in the evenings. I actually have to start over, because I stopped running, for a month and a half. Farthest I've ever ran, is seven miles. How far I can run, now, would be two or three miles.

    What are your favorite books: City of Bones, Wise Man Fear's, Touch of Power, and Embrace. (however, because I read so many, not all of these, stay favorites for long).

    What's it like having a fanclub: It's fun, everyday it's different. Sometimes random stuff happens, that you never really know, what to expect the next day. I get into roleplay fights, in there too X'D otherwise, drop on by sometime. http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/163612-kingdom-key-fan-club.html

    Nah, compared to some of the others I get, this is a decent size vm. It's good, that it's quite long, means we connect really well. I look forward to your reply, very much, Auron. I really do, enjoy the converstations we shared.
    I really want to see that team up, too, the trio's been present since day one and still has yet to all work together properly.
    I agree completely, I really hope they're planning it out that way. Getting to play as more than just Sora and see more than his side would be so great.
    That's what I've been hoping for as well, it seems like a lot would be going on for just one point of view to catch it all.
    I know... at best we'll get another team up between Sora and Riku at the end, maybe with Kairi, but most of the ones who should really get a chance to fight probably are going to be on the sidelines.
    Sorry for the long delay, Auron. Now I can reply with all those other vm's out of the way.

    That I can understand, your friend might not be able to accept the truth, but it's better to know it, instead of a lie or an illusion. Maybe your best friend will come around, eventually. Better to be straightforward, instead of beating around the bush. Describing yourself as a Keyblade, was a good idea. On the other hand, sometimes knowing something can be painful and maybe that's why, they haven't gotten back to you yet. I don't know what the situation is about, for it's not my business, but there's hope that things can repair itself, eventually.

    Yeah, that they have, more then once XD However, I've never been described as a fun person before. Let me rephrase that, a fun and accepting person. Thank you, really, for saying that about me. Not used to compliments yet, but all the same, thank you Auron.

    You are both unpredictable and perdictable. It's kind of hard to guess what's going to happen next, in a Certain Hut. I am pleased to hear, that some of the theories that I've come up with, happened to be true. Glad you think, that it's awesome though.

    Same to you, Auron. Now that I'm back, I can properly respond to you, unless someone burst through my door, asking me to do something again :)

    Exactly, I've been stunned a few times myself, when it comes to those kind of books. Nowadays, it's hard to come across books like those. Still whenever I find one, I feel so drawn to it, that I simply must finish it in one night. Only to wish for the sequel to come out sooner, once I'm done reading it. I almost end up feeling sad, when I finished them so quickly. That it's hard to pick up another book to read. Have you experienced that kind of feeling, when it comes to books? Also, do you read books more then once?

    That's a relief to hear, that the author ties up the loose ends. Simply because, some authors don't and it leaves me frustrated. So I'm glad to hear that this paticular author does. The story itself is fascinating, though.

    I don't mind sharing the spotlight, with you Auron. Sure, I don't mind giving you insight to what I have in store, for some the stories, I have in mind to write. No need to worry about that, I wouldn't think of you for stealing one, so I really don't mind sharing. As for things about myself, depends on what you would like to know.

    Story Number 1.

    I haven't completely come up with a title just yet. It's a relationship between a Master and Servant. This paticular story is set in a victorian setting. I plan on having this young lord, life being endanger. The relationship with the servant, is based on loyalty, taboo of the classes (esstenially love), and whatever else I can think of. Some of it, will get mature, simply because the roles of Master and Servant will be used very strongly. However the partner ship, between the two will be just as strong, that its almost like their friends, part of the time. So it will be, different and close to orginal, as can be.

    Story Number 2.

    This paticular story, will be based off an anime that I've watched. I planned on having my friends in it, involving them with a gang, known as the Strikers. They cause trouble within the gang and simply chaos ensues. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet, but it's been in my head a few times, so I plan on writing it eventually.

    Story Number 3.

    You commented on this story 'Two Sides of the Same Coin'. I've already figured out what I have in store for this one, in paticular. Don't know if you want the details or not, so I'll leave that for you to decide.

    About Myself

    I love to read books, that I read the same ones, more than once. I love to listen to music on my iPod, that I have it on my person, most of the time. I like anime, video games, and khinsider. I also happened to be a runner. I can be silly, easy going, and fun to talk to, oh an a good listener too. Sometimes, I get into fights (role playing) with a few members on here, occasionally. Simply, because I'm stubborn. So it can happened out of pure randomness. I like to read poetry a lot now, compared to before. I love the stories you've shared with me on here and very rarely, do I write a piece of poetry myself. Also I happened to be a co-writer, in the fanfic section. I write one-shots, as well. I have quite a few nicknames and a fanclub, too.

    Alright, that pretty much sums me up. If there's anything you would like to know, feel free to ask ;)
    That would be so cool, though, most of Org 13, all the trios, and some others all attacking MX for what he did to them. You reap what you sow, man, and he sowed too much to only get a one on one battle. :c
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