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  • Hey Auron, it's alright. I know we haven't kept in touch in awhile, so no big deal :D

    I'm doing alright~ nothing new happening with me.

    Oh yeah, I saw your pirate story on the forum x] was really cool because I didn't have a clue that today was pirate day.
    Sorry, my mistake on getting the two mixed up. Think I was up at 3 a.m. responding to that vm and that tends to happen occasionally when I'm up that late.
    Thats great that the 3ds analog stick improves the gameplay on Days though :]

    Ah alright. So it's something completely different from that, okay then.

    Eh I'll be around here and there, so see ya whenever your on Auron ;D
    User friendly was my term for his request. He just wants it more organized and reformatted, so the list of stories and authors aren't on top of each other. Anyhow I'll worry about it more when I get back :3 is taking some time off from the site. When I come back I'll definitely get back on top of it, Auron.

    Sorry, but I do plan on getting one! Soon.
    Anyhow coolest thing happen to me today! I saw a KH3D commercial! Wait you've tried the demo out then? Cool! But yeah, don't worry I plan on getting one, so ya don't have to convince me, lol.

    It's alright. Was simply curious is all :3 I'm gonna assume it doesn't exactly work the same way a kh game would. But, more like a World of Warcraft kind of game or something simalar to it.

    Anyhow, I'll be seeing ya Auron. Talk to you soon. To know more I posted my departure on the foyer.
    Well, if you do happen to preorder kh3d then thats great :] if it makes you feel better I don't have a 3ds~

    How's the MMO game going?

    Also, here's the link Orion provided us. BB Code List - KHInsider Forums
    It's okay, Auron :] I know how you feel. Anyhow, I just got done requesting it. Now all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

    So, how are you doing today? Excited for KH3D to come out in just a few more days?

    Also, I probably won't stay on long because I need to go eat lunch cause my stomach keeps growling x'D
    Yeah, I'll talk to Orion xD I kind of figured it out once you suggested it in the first place. Alright, I'll ask him about it tomorrow morning.
    I've conversed with Orion a few times and I think he's a pretty good guy. So yeah, we should go ask him about it.
    Mods are intimating and scary, but not all of them are. I think if we make a good case about it, they would move it. They might overlook their opinions about the both of us and be reasonable about our request. I think its worth a shot to ask politely about it. What mod do you want to ask about it?

    That's good, I'm kind of in the same boat actually.
    Its alright, just take your time with it ;3

    Was in the fanfiction section mostly.

    Seeing how we were on topic about this, been wondering if we should ask a mod to place the thread were doing as a sticky? You know, like where the Creative Writing Interviews, Critque Request are at? That way, are effort doesnt go to waste and gets more attention?

    Also, how've you been doing?
    Take your time. Even if it's a while, it helps that you might find inspiration of what to put in your story. ^^
    Oh yeah, I seen one of your stories. Friendship lasts a lifetime. Really good! I love how you explain their friendship. :3
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