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  • It is ok =D i tend to talk alot too when it comes to my favorite topic :3
    Yeah =D glad to meet Phoenix and Edgeworth fans too :3 Yes. Edgeworth likes to act cold but actually is a nice person XP? I agree that Phoenix is awesome and funny oh yes i also forget Apollo and Trucy the both of them are awesome too XP
    I see. I do find her annoying sometimes but she is also a nice and amusing character and i like Emma too. I agree Franzika is awesome especially with her whip :p and i felt poor for gumshoe who is a frequent victim of her whip XD lolx but i agree she is nicer then Larxene though. Yea Pearly is so cute that i wanted to hug her =3

    As for shipping, I don't like Maya x Phoenix basically because of personality i think Maya is too childish for Phoenix and i just don't see anything special between them only as a friend and age gap is also another thing. I like Mia x Godot more the Mia x Phoenix as Mia and Godot seems more sweeter then Phoenix and Mia as for Edgeworth i think Kay or Franzy kinds of make a nice couple with him.

    You should try Miles Investigation it is good i think you will like it.
    Sure i will if i have the money XD
    Oo i like Edgeworth and Phoenix. Maya is a pretty funny and amusing character and pearl is just so cute :3
    lolx i agree with you there are mix feelings towards the card systems :3. Yea i don't have PS so i didn't try RE:COM
    and yes i played all series of ace attorney and i enjoy it
    Awesome. Glad you liked them. If you want, you can leave a review.
    Well, that sucks. I guess you'll just have to keep trying.
    I guess i like it cause i can create my own strategy with the different card combination.
    Nope i have seen the cute scene of RE:COM and i have finish COM before myself
    I would love it if he finish Day and KH2 and do a BBS comic too :3
    lol i dont like the card system at first too but i like it after awhile pretty unique and interesting :3
    the story don't change much just that you get to fight Zexion in RE:COM and you dont get to in COM for Riku's Story.
    I think he would after he finish Day perhaps :3 I would love to see more of Sora and his CO too
    Yea :3 i agree so haha yea if i read it then we could discuss more on Naruto :3
    Oo i think RE:COM is better then COM and the story is the same with only a few changes to it.
    Yea it hasn't finish yet. Shiro stopped KH2 halfway to write day first. I am waiting to see him draw the Sokai scene in the manga :3
    and you should the manga is awesome and i love the art alot XD
    OO then i should go and see how awesome they are ;)
    My first encounter with KH was seeing my brother playing COM on GBA. Then i got the manga of KH and read it and i fell in love with the story :3
    Cool i haven't heard of those harvest moon series before.
    I would =D
    I see how did you get to know about KH then?
    Yea my favourite is friends of mineral town i always like to play the female version XD. I like planting the vegetables
    I see i havent started watching Naruto but i may try watching/reading soon :3
    Lolx so what games are you intending to play?
    I love playing Harvest Moon it is a fun game <3 i dont know about Naruto game i hardly play any XD
    I have no idea. I'm going to stop numbering.
    Your friend is gay? Well, we all act gay sometimes, unless of course we ARE gay.
    XD perhaps you should do some planning then :p
    I will be getting the coded and perhaps the new DS3D when it is release as there are a few games i wanted to play that will be release on DS3D
    lolx same here even though i spoiled myself i cant wait to play it too :p
    It's okay.

    1) .) (<-My sister says it's a pirate.)

    2) He's not into Princess or anything, but he just acts gay. God, the memories of him. It's such a ROFLMFAO.
    That nice to hear any plan for your break?
    Hmm.. i dont think it is a character you heard before XD but it was fun acting as the character in the scene :p
    maybe i should try acting with my brother some other times XP
    You are welcome =. I cant wait for Coded to be release on DS too and i heard nintendo is releasing DS3D.
    Cool i might too since my brother has a PSP but i am not in a rush since i have since and know the story of BBS already XD
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