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  • Ever read a "grass theory" before? Once upon a time there was a member of the utmost theorizing level. TuT They were glorious, make mine look silly in comparison.
    If you wonder who I mean they posted a thread a week or so ago titled "Rebirth".
    I have to resort to planning, saving and trade-ins and most of all preowned. xD
    What's your idea on No Heart and Armor of the Master? Nothing in mirage arena is a canon thing so a theory on them is hard.
    I'm an old timer by forum standards. =u= When you was in a playpin, I was pulling out original gameboys, playing my cousins SNES, beating Ocarina of Time on N64 and feeling pathetic at my inability to beat megaman or megaman x~
    It's one of those older series, it's actually at least 25yrs by now. Only 2yrs older than me. xD
    lawl I remember playing X, Zero and ZX series. I've been at it since I was small. The classic and X series are so hard that to this very day I can't be the games up till X6 fairly. xD
    Sorry I didn't notice your vm, seems it was posted on your own page. >_<
    Try clicking the "view conversation" in the top left of my replies next time and posting. It'll send me a notice so I never miss them. =D

    And yes I stay up late. xD
    Damn I feel old now haha xD
    I was 12 when the first KH came out. I remember the commercials and even the disney channel look into it. xD

    Also it's 1am here so I'm going to sleep now, farewell. 8D
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