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  • How old was you then by chance?
    I remember old codes like that. There was one for KH2 that let Sora use WayToDawn~
    Eh i wasn't into kh until 08 and i also wasn't too into it because i was too young to understand the true impact of the games which is why i've replayed the only game i played when i was younger and played the rest of them i've played everything but 1.5 and the upcoming 2.5 and i lost a my save data right before fighting Axel in Re com because i wanted to be a boss and character mod and fight him and marrluxia as riku and corrupted the file but nonetheless i still see the magic in it
    I see. So you never got to see the activity from 06 to 09 then. =] It was a meaner place but more active as well.
    i actually made my account in 2014 to get help with chi beforehand i always showed my face as an anon viewing all threads since about may of 2013 and i followed a lot of other people in 2011-2012
    i do miss it too but without any new content other than the remakes in 2 years which didn't give much to theories it more like answers some theories it's kinda hard just wait for kh3 and the yearly spin off games to come and you'll love the fanbase again
    My entertainment doesn't really come from the material itself though. I like to see what people think. In older days people had theories every day and always had an idea to explore, sadly no one does that anymore and I miss it. =[
    sure i understand that but that boredom and belief in the series being better just proves how much you like the series boredom being the word for needing something to do to entertain oneself does this still entertain you if so than you aren't jaded yet
    Oh that thread! I remember that one now. =D
    That's nice of you to say so. ^_^
    haha You'd be surprised how dual nature one can be. My theories are usually born of boredom or my belief that the series could've been better. x3
    the 1 about how you feel about kingdom hearts and i'll reiterate myself you may not like some aspects of the series but that doesn't make you jaded it just means you have an alternate opinion all the work i see you put into your threads and you say you're jaded i think not you love the series just as much as me just as much as it's whole fan base i find it funny that you say you're jaded if you were jaded you wouldn't be so amazing at what you do
    Lol i bet you didn't even see my reply when i replied to you stating you were jaded to the series then i went on a small rant X3
    I was wondering why I didn't see the vm's, their on your own page. =O

    Daw why thank you! I wasn't sure anyone actually liked my theories since they get few comments haha. =D
    YAY! i follow as many of your theories as i can keep up with i love your theories there are only 3 people who make my list you hnk from youtube and my friend on fb
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