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Be My Baby<3
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  • hahaha and my friend on here asked me if all my friends have accounts on here since like 5 of them do (my KH clan :p) and I told him it was easier than calling you guys and you told me to call you right after i sent that ahahha
    Shes good!
    and okokok :)
    I can't talk for long at all though cause I'm going to hang out with my friends in like 20 minutes
    Oh and I was in Colorado cause of Briana and the fires! I wanted to make sure her and the rest of the fam was alright
    Ahahaha aw Chels :) I miss you!
    And I know I know, my awkward baby face phase! Bahaha, good times. I was sososo awkward back then! But randomly, I woke up one Monday after I just turned 13 and I looked completely different. My mom or brother didn't notice but everyone at school did hahahah. All of the sudden, boys talked to me -_- Guys like girls who look older apparently!
    You looked gorgeous as always!
    ILOVEYOU! AND YES YES! NEXT TIME I COME TO CO, come baby sit me :)
    Haha xD that scene made me laugh! I always do that, I'll hate a song, but it gets stuck in my head that I'll be singing it for days! Her parents were also very funny xD
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