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Bebop Blues
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  • I just need a beat machine, like maybe a TR-808? I know where a pawn shop is near me, but I need to get my dad to drive me, I need the money and they need to actually have it.
    I want to be a rapper, everyone I talk to says I have good lyrics, but I lack a beat or a quality recording.

    Not the best dream, but it's what I want to do.
    Don't worry man, everything works out.

    I'm chilling out with Mountain Dew, my dad enjoyed his present (a giant lighter for pot), and Hillboy said he'd record and produce my first album whenever I get to him.
    Nice. I've been chilling out, listening to music, some family drama and I've been sick.
    I have no idea, Silh made a thread in my name called "I like men." and I started changing it to inconsequential things, as he'd change it to things calling me gay, but he was sick of me not taking his shit so he stripped me of my rep, user page and permissions, including posting.

    I woke up with it back this morning.

    So what's new?
    Yo, when's the last time you've been here? The mods picked a random time to diss me and I just missed your post in the thread.
    When is your next break? I want to know, hopefully by then you will have a 3DS. >:]

    Heh, you so inclusive. xD
    Wait, you been back in school for awhile, right? xD

    Ahah, that might damper things. Where then?
    Well, that's good. It would have sucked if you got a room mate that didn't put up with such things! That would have majorly sucked.

    Have you applied anywhere yet?
    I mean, maybe one day. Just nothing of interest at the moment for a reunion. Probably...

    Wow, really? He must have been under a rock during those days. xD Nice to see you are getting him into video games at least. If anything, a little.

    Get a 3DS by the summer! >:3
    So, in a way I don't think I am missing much. Lest be not annoyed by annoying fathers...

    You are making him sound like he's never played a video game in his life. He sounds like he's just getting into it. xD

    You where so excited before. You forgot about it already?!
    Eh, I honestly don't know if it would be better or not without him. Probably not!

    Why doesn't he play with you? Are you too good?

    Come on now! Isn't Kid Icarus calling to you? xD
    Oh, nothing really. I just never really grew up with him. To this date, I never really seen him aside from some old ID picture. To tell you the truth, I don't really want to see him, honestly.

    Well you figured it out at least. Does he play with you as well?

    When you get a 3DS. Make sure to tell me! We can play online, and junk. Hopefully later when a Smash game comes out. Like years later... xD
    I never really had a dad, so I always wonder how kids deal with two parents. If better or for worse...

    I thought you didn't have a tv last time I checked. Who brought it over?

    At least you don't want any new games for awhile, right?
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