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Bebop Blues
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  • Eh, he just seems strange then! hah

    Like in your dorm? Or do you have to like share it with people? You trust that it won't get stolen? It would be so hard for me to take my electronics.

    Lol, you finally get to your senses when you don't have all of your old games anymore! xD
    I find that very strange. That's just his mindset I guess. You don't have any other siblings, right?

    Thought so. I remember you saying you can't play at school. xP

    Sell stuff? You like doing that. lol
    Why is that though? Does he treat your brother like an adult?

    Wait, are you home at this moment? Or are you at school again already?

    Hmm, if you got more money, would you be willing to have gotten one? You should get one soon, so you can play Mario Kart with us! >:3
    It is. Looks like they are finally treating you like an adult now, huh?

    Haha, well I hope it was worth it?

    I was gonna try Hero Mode, but I didn't do it. I been to busy playing my 3DS. Speaking of that, are you going to get one?
    Haha, you didn't get nagged for like the first time in your life? xD

    Wow, how much did you get? o_O

    I beat it a week after I got it. It was a pretty good game, but it wasn't my favorite. There was something that didn't make me play it a second play through. Yet...
    Did you go home for the holidays? Or did you stay at school?

    Wow, you got lots of games! I'm like almost jealous. :p
    Ah, you got the new Zelda. What do you think of it? I got it too!
    Well, you don't have to. You can be that guy that chills out and sees everyone else act ridiculous. lol
    Oh, well that would surely make it more fun. Just don't go crazy, not yet at least. lol
    Well, you sounded like you are doing way better stuff anyways. Then being on the internet all day. Haha... When you can though, of course. You made friends fast, eh? ^^
    It's been a little while now, are you still enjoying yourself living on your own without your parents? Haha...
    Oh. Alright. So far, everybody I asked has rejected, might as well cancel now.
    Hey Trey, I'm having a KHI Roast, a new trend, you wanna be one of 8 members to roast me?
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