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  • Lexi betrayed Iz, because of some intervention from XV, Xia. Saix heard about the plan from the Dusks. And, Iz was the one that came up with the strategy. Iz was angry when he found out that Lexi betrayed him and sided with the Organization.

    Gway has Sora's entire heart with him. Because, he connected with Gway when he returned to Radiant Gardens. Do you want to work on it together?
    Good point, Lexi is a Nobody. His friend, Iz and him invented a strategy to get into the Organization. Lexi's Somebody, Eli decided to be the one that got turned into a Heartless. And, Saix knowingly brought Lexi into the Organization as Number XVI, the Sparks of Flames. However, Lexi betrayed Iz and decided to work against him.

    The kid that ran into Axel is named Gway. Gway actually has Sora's heart within him.
    Maybe, we can combine our ideas.

    Lea remains as his somebody, but later on he returns back to being a nobody. He has taken in a young boy similiar to Roxas, but is twelve and can wield the keyblade. The young boy also meets up with a new face, Lexi. Who is really just using the kid to get him to do the Organization's dirty, but later he changes his mind about the boy and tries to get in the Organization's way.
    Yeah, I think I am gonna do something about that. It takes place after the Xehanort saga and the Organization returns with Saix as the leader. And, there are even some new faces in the bunch.
    sorry lol. It's a school trip though so...you know. But it is a life-long dream so I jumped on board first thing.

    That was pretty sad. Mum felt like crying cause Merlin's acting with crying was really good.
    Those were some good scenes. I wonder if the dragon is gone for good though
    Aha so amazing, wasn't it. I only remembered with half an hour left of it that it was on. What was your fave part?
    Oh that is true. So long away =( Though I am a little pleased, I'll be in London during the return on the show, so hopefully I can see an episode or two while I'm over there if I have nothing on
    They do work a lot and on such tight schedules but remember, it is their job and they love doing every last bit of it =D

    Um, Sammy Lieberman from the final of Dance Academy.
    I'm soooooo glad that they have an early return date.
    A football player, yes =DDDD
    hehe I was like that when I heard :p

    oooh too many to choose just one D=
    I see it too. Ah shall be full of epicness and amazingness.
    Naw thanks =) I hope he gets better.

    Aha thats true. I teared up a lot in the final but I held my tears back in TS3.

    Yes, Kurt's BF(Sam) is going to be my fave. Not sure if Male Mercedes is still in it, no word has been said about anything. A Christian girl and Charaice(sp?) will be going against Rachel =)
    September 21 for America. I'm thinking two weeks after that for Australia to get it
    I'm kinda glad school is coming back.
    He is terribly depressed but he hides it all with a smile.

    I hope she survives and I hope they bring back Nimue *goes on Michelle Ryan is awesomeness rant* ^^

    You like Glee too? It's sooo awesome =D. I love the name, so I picked it. Either it was the fierce "Aural Intensity" or the ridiculously named "Nude Erections" :p
    Pleasantly. he walked off, saw me and was like "oh, you actually came" and I think a smile appeared, can't remember :p
    Tonight? You mean tomorrow? :p
    The final is really good, you'll love it. And yes. She's my fave main character after Arthur so I hope she survives the poison attack
    Only heard of Shane Dawson out of that list haha.
    Wow thats a lot in a short amount of time. I think the most I used was 8 gigabytes in a day and that was thanks to Merlin =P
    Yeah, he's upset he had to come back here. He went to the Gold Coast and hung out with all of his friends he use to hang with since he lived up there until this time last year when he moved. Didn't expect to see me there XP
    aha youtube videos rock. whatcha been watching?
    haha fairly sore. I think I got blisters today which is gross and never good D=, but it was worth it to see my friend arrive back home
    Yea I agree, just by the look of the trailer he seems like the kind of guy that is fun.
    Ah, gotcha.
    A re-appearence of her will meet no complaints from me :)
    Some of the best acting on the show IMO.
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