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  • How did you manage to see a Japanese BbS commercial if you live in America, much less how you've managed to get a copy of it and upload it.
    You know what i dont wanna have a internet fight
    yes you know more okay
    i admit it
    i know ass compare to you
    nice to hear XD
    i apologize for being hard on you Lolz but next time i'll take you serious and attack you like hell ;)
    yeah you better or things will only get worst for you and mods will keep an eye on you waiting for you to make a mistake and get you banned...they might even mess with you a little.
    no problem man if you ever are confused about somthing in kh just ask me ill be glad to help
    ahahahahaha cool but that doesnt change the fact you'll get banned
    and no not really, i could care less wat people think of me XD
    Let me explain why riku does not have a nobody...

    Ok So we have Ansem seeker of darkness (xehanorts heartless) He needs a body he takes over rikus and took his true shape.

    If riku became a heartless riku's body would of vanished Seperating the heart and his body and Ansem would turn back into his floating ball of darkness since he has no vessle (rikus body)

    The only Person to recover his body from being a heartless is Sora no one else.

    Ansem the seeker of darkness did not regain his original form but he did regain his self of self ( heartless run on insticts but not ansem seeker of darkness)
    ummm no no no, that would only make you look like a cry baby and will get you hated and banned for making a pointless Mather fucking thread about you crying because your thread got closed but some other didn't.

    you will be seen as a troll,get hated more and banned.
    cool but next time your threads get closed and get hated by soooo many people (which they will) dont make threads saying how funny it is that your thread go closed and shit
    are you sure? ask everyone who posted on your thread ;)
    i dont agree with the terra and MX fusing but theres alot of things that point to it but you make things up like saying aqua took ven to DI and whatnot. thats the thing that makes people mad.

    try to make things simple and add facts, if you have none then dont make a theory, but if you do then when people show facts just say you were wrong and accept it or you'll just get hated and a mod will banned you since you'll look like a troll.

    you wanna fit in? then take my advice or you'll just end up banned and if you dont like it then go join another forum and post your stuff there
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