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    Hoped you like Sephiroth before cause (Spoilers)

    lol aw man i didnt want to look but i did anyway but this is really good to no fighting sephiroth will be really fun.....i just hope hes even harder than kh1 seph.......
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    Anyone out there that has a working swapmagic disk?

    well this is goin out to anyone cuz i really wanna no...............and it would be hard for pple to answer my question if they have to go a different thread that has a different topic.......but whats the problem with makin another thread? i just want someone to help me out and im not double...
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    Anyone out there that has a working swapmagic disk?

    Actually no i didnt this ones about the swap disk and my other one is about me gettting kh2 import and how someone can help with early translations...................get it right
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    Anyone out there that has a working swapmagic disk?

    that works wit kh2 of course lol.................anybody?
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    oh god well i already ordered it well the worst thing that can happen is that it not work and ill just send it back......they do have refunds and ill get a modchip its not that big a deal lol.............well and who ever said im desperate well......i am...........nothin wrong wit that.....im a...
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    damn you slimjd lol ill probably have it the 26th or even christmas that would be my best xmas present considering im not getting anything but it would still be the best present regardless
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    well kh2destiny i ordered the swap magic disks at modchip.com and they should both be coming in the same day if not the downside to the swap magic disks is that they dotn translate but its still worth it
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    im a noob this guy is totally right im a noob...............i forgot how imatuer the pple on this forum were thats probably why i havent been on in 3 months
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    damn sorry i was just bustn ur balls about it...........well i was asking about translations cuz i heard about websites that actually fully translate games from start to finish i dont expect anyone to have any translations i was asking websites that help you do that
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    im importing it from japan i just ordered it last night and i should be getting it in about a week and dont worry i have my sources on how im gonna read the jap words...............actually i really dont for sure but my friend said you can get full translations of import games at gamefaqs.com...
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    Not Only did I pre order it but I bought it so all I have to do is cut in line and get the copy and drive home. I will already have 2 footlong sub sandwichs and 3 large bottles of Sprite Remix just out the freezer and Im gona stay up and play it regardless if im in school or not Kingdom Hearts...
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    world idea that havent been repeated!!

    Im sorry but NO it wouldnt be
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    Winter 2005

    Can someone please close this thread Its winter Just think of it at that, because this thread is tickin me off!!
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    Relationship between DWU and Riku in DEEP DIVE

    Does any know the relationship between DWU and Riku in DEEP DIVE? Post your thoughts THis is a old topic but theres new info out so thats why I rebirthed it
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    Unofficial org. and nobody thread

    YOu misunderstood me I meant that the orgs power to posses are unaffected by the people whering a cloak because you dont have to be in the org to where a cloak BHK/DWU arnt a member of the org and he is wearing one. This is just my theory so dont flame