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  • Too bad it's not contagious.

    You know what is? Laughter. Laughter is very contagious. So you should find a video of a turtle trying to eat a small tomato.
    It sounds more like you're depressed because you have depression. *hugs*

    You should think of all the reasons why you're awesome.
    I'm sulking because summer is almost over, but happy because I have a new manga, but angry because I couldn't find the volumes of the ones I already have.....

    What are you somewhat depressed about?
    Oh, congrats for your bro! And a permit and a job, eh? Nice. I wish I could see the haircut and the shoes.

    Nm, rly. I wanted to try to attend one more big event before summer ends but there aren't any concerts/conventions that I really want to go to so....meh.
    You know, there was this villain in Sailor Moon who was so obsessed with her beauty that she trapped herself in her mirror so she would stay young and beautiful forever.......
    I know.

    But srsly, whenever I look in the mirror I'm either looking to see if something's on my face, or I start making funny faces at myself.....
    Lol, that's what I meant, I just typed too fast for my own good.

    And I do think Rose is a pretty name. I thought of naming my daughter that if I have one.
    Still, I sense that beneath her kind exterior lies....EVIIIIL!!!!

    Aaaand, I'm tired. >< So I will go get shut eye. You should do the same *hugs* Goodnight.
    She threatened to embarrass Marigold in some way shape or form this one time, and she gave her a deathglare or something like that one time....

    All I know is that she's an anthro PC I wouldn't want to mess with.
    I'm not getting an anthro PCs. They sound like trouble. And I make enough trouble by myself.
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