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  • yea, he was obsessed about killing Itachi. He never wondered if there was a higher purpose.
    o yeah, in that logic, Orochimaru is da better option. So basically, Sasuke never cared about his would-be friends at all.
    yep, i always wondered why couldnt he just stay in konoha?, He could have probably still got the same amount of power.
    Itach was a beast. And sasuke thinks hes all godly. But Sasukes too emo for his own good.
    yea, he was a beastly character. His degrading vision was a down point, but still strong. I hated how he was killed by a disease though.
    Actuall they're all pretty beast. But I think MS is stronger, cuz it pretty much made Itachi invincible in his fight.
    yea, that fact was kinda dissapointing. How would u rate the order of eye powers? (Byakugan, Sharingan, Rinnegan)
    It could be Danzo cuz think about it. He just wants ppl's vote for him becoming hokage. He wants to have more support than Akatsuki, cuz now theres only 2 other members.
    yea, but some people didnt even know ANBU roots b4. So, honestly Kakashi would have been a better choice. BTW, do u think Tobi/Madara/Mizukage is Danzou?
    i know, i really dont see y they nominated him. Kakashi deserves to be hokage. Maybe even Shikamaru's dad.
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