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    I'm tired but I'm good. but I've only been up for not even two hours yet.

    how are you?
    Oh yeah, considering we're busy with college/uni and such. Yeah, I got my finals coming up soon but I'm back. So yeah...but I think I know what you mean by that.
    Oh god, sorry for replying so late, yeah. xD

    Echt mal, du solltest viel öfter auf KHI und MSN online kommen. Ich hab ja fast gar keine Chance mehr mit dir zu reden. ^w^
    Pretty damn good thus far, grinding a bit for the last gym leader in Johto and then on my way to the Indigo Plateau. Oh and it's gold, but I'm gonna snag Silver sometime next week.
    She seems to be pretty smart at times, just have to work on how to get her to obey me though,hehe.

    It's a nice name for female dogs. And I'm not into death note. It was just Lenny or someone who mentioned it xD

    I know that you like cats though :)
    It's horribleee. DDD: I'll get used to going to school at some point though, I guess. :I

    Yes, something like that. xDDD
    School started yesterday already. >w>;; Yes, it was our Spring Break.

    Oh, I thought it's much more stressful and not that fun. D: But apparently one can enjoy being in university. :D Well, we have a weird school system in Finland... I'm in the so called "Upper Secondary School" or "6th Form". It's my first year here.

    Breaks are awesome. :DD I'm on one now. <3
    I bet uni is pretty tiring? At least I think it is. Thank goodness I still have a couple of years before going there. >w>
    Mhm, because I can xD more or less so I can get Rayquaza and the exclusives for each game. And I know *U* I can't wait, already have 40$ as is, just another 40 more :D

    And despite my enthusiasm, nope, shit seems to just keep piling on no matter what I do :/
    haha yep that's me xD

    I'm still in the same shop if you want to request ;D
    Yup. Got a dog last October :D She's 6 monthsold now and her name is Kira (has nothing to do with a Death Note character, lol!

    well even if its for a little bit its always a nice surprise and brightens my day when you are here.

    I'm doing well

    talking to friends, and what not, keeping busy
    I've been fine. Loads of work consuming my time though. Oh, and did I ever tell you about my dog?

    How are you doing?
    <33 Kinda hard with you being a bit inactive here, though. :C

    You're very welcome! :D
    Yay :D

    I'm still glad to see you stopping by now and then. It's great to see you online when you have time :D
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