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  • It might be best they downplay any form of relationship to being mentioned in one scene or a journal entry. Who knows what it'll be about. Personally I'd love to see KH3 end with some massive reboot to the universe.
    Just make it so Sora and any friends he meets retains their old universe memories.
    The next saga in general might be better since it has room to be planned. The current saga spawned from KH1 which wasn't sure to get a sequel at all.
    How could you assume that with that huge rant of mine in the unpopular opinions thread. x'D
    I find Xehanort not only annoying and bordering on Aizen levels of ridiculousness but I also find him greatly wasted potential.
    Just think of this. At least Eraqus never sought out young boys so he could take their bodies~ x'D
    I find Xehanort the be the more feminine myself. lol
    I'm also wondering if Xehanort basically just stole his goat keyblade off the wall. xD
    Yep but any ability I had for hype died years ago. I like his new outfit though. =w=
    Vexen can be a pain in the ass solely because he copies and sends anti Soras after you.
    I beat all the data battles but only so I could unlock the Birth by Sleep trailer in KH2FM. I used the Fenrir trick on Lingering Will which made him easy. Sephiroth isn't an issue for me in KH2.
    I used to but now I only play for fun. I don't even bother secrecy bosses unless it unlocks something or has an exploit I can use to win.
    Back in the old days yeah. Choose sword and throw away the shield and the rate at which you get skills like once more or even guard drastically changes in Kh1.
    I've chosen all three and each combo in KH1 but I only pick shield in KH2. In 1 choosing the sword can make it even harder for some reason.
    Hmm....I can't remember what you get with the rod. I always get shield since I rely more on support and endurance than power (sword) or magic (rod).
    I do use magic more in KH1 though.
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