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  • I beat Sephiroth! I am really proud of myself, especially after so many freaking years of getting my butt handed to me by him.
    I beat Kingdom Hearts BBS, but I didn't unlock the Secret Episode. I beat Ven, Terra and Aqua's stories all on Proud Mode.
    So, I cannot activate Final Form? That sucks! I might have to use that move that you mentioned. I am also terrified of facing Lingering Sentiment.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Ozpin somehow made it out of there alive against Cinder. We never saw the conclusion of that fight. And a lot of people assume Ozpin is the wizard. I wanna say the boy might end up being the first 'spring maiden', cause I disagree that it's always female. So I'm betting on that. I know! I'm super hype to see what all of this means. Salem is probably not wrong. Ozpin might of found a way to live. Maybe. It's too soon to tell! xD But the boy being a farmer is like the fairy tale Ozpin and Qrow mentioned in season three. xD

    I can agree there. xD I like that they're different and not all alike.

    I heard great things about Chrono Trigger. I forgot who tried to recommend it to me back then, but it's supposed to be a really good game. I hope you like ReCoded. I haven't played it, but I did watch the movie version of it on KHII.5. It'd be nice if there was, and yup, your welcome! xD ooh, Persona 4 Golden would be great. When's your birthday? :D I hope you get a Vita soon too. Although, the price on those aren't too bad. :3 Thanks! Certainly keeping warm. It helps that I have a heater. xD Oh my, that's quite cold there too! Most likely normal. xD Do you got snow?
    Your welcome, Buffer! :D And thank you! I'm hoping it'll be an exciting new year too. Time for fresh starts and new goals. xD

    Glad to hear you're doing good! Yeah, season four of RWBY has been knocking it out of the park so far. I still love the new character designs, and it's great to see Ruby doing so well with Jaune, Nora, and Ren in combat. Admittedly, I'm so confused and excited to see how Ozpin is still around. Since he spoke to that kid in that one episode. If it turns out as extreme as volume 3, I'm going to be really excited or guarding the heck out of my heart. xD

    Welcome! That's awesome to hear your thoughts on season 2. Wow, that's amazing you've been able to complete nearly all of the Marvel shows on Netflix! :O I'm still a tiny bit into Marvel, so I might go back and give Daredevil a try, since you're recommending it I should. lol. xD And that's cool they reference it a lot in the other two shows. Ah yeah, I remember the first episode of Jessica Jones being slightly darker, so I can totally see that. And your welcome again, Buffer. xD

    Did you ever play Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS at all? :3 Well, I'm hoping on the PS4 it ends up being really smooth. I wonder if there'll be a theater mode for DDD and Back Cover? Otherwise, it's good to hear you're excited for it too! Oh yeah, it gets negative 1 degrees out here at night. ^__^" It's quite cold out. Leaving water out in the garage it gets frozen. lol. And yup, we're in the north. Well... it's cold every year. I'm just hoping it's a short winter. lol. What's the weather like out by you?
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