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    Idea about Days and Recoded,,,

    I'm not trying to be rude or judgemental (I love flip-phones myself) but why don't you have a smartphone? I thought almost everyone has it these days for the usefulness alone. Though I do have friends that don't have one, so I suppose it isn't the end-all be-all for mobile usefulness. As for...
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    Idea about Days and Recoded,,,

    You could emulate it on your phone, technically. If you have a 3DS, you could crack it and be able to install them on it.
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    ReSET The World

    What exactly do you mean by reset? Do you mean a full reboot, forgetting the past saga happened, or moving onto something entirely new?
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    ReSET The World

    Yep, that's entirely how the multiverse trope started becoming a staple in comic book stories.
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    About latest Disney's productions

    Oh grow up. Now you're just being a child. Enjoy the ban, though.
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    About latest Disney's productions

    Alright dude I'm going to drop some harsh truth here: Writing a complete novel EVERY SINGLE POST to explain why "black Ariel bad" just says enough about your character. Like calm down dude, heard of less is more? You don't need to go on a multi-paragraph tangent repeating the same thing. Also...
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    About latest Disney's productions

    Honestly I'm so fucking tired of people diminishing Halle Bailey and believing she didn't deserve the role because Disney is trying to "ploy" or "fool" the audience. It's exhausting. She is a perfect Ariel no matter the color because her vocal fits and the look fits.
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    About latest Disney's productions

    Just because Disney may not have altruistic intent doesn't mean we shouldn't find value in black Ariel anyways. It has been much more than a ploy to people. Dunno, I'm very tired of people finding ways to try and make people not excited about actual representation. I'm an absolute fan of making...
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    Film ► Disney What Ifs

    Probably would've helped with the Dark Ages quite a bit?
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    What are the reasons people say Kingdom Hearts is cringe?

    Disney and Final Fantasy together. The overuse of platitudes. The dated translated dialogue from early games. Fish faces. The Nomura designs. Some of the overdramatic scenes. Love it tho.
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    About latest Disney's productions

    I will never in a million years understand why someone would find black Ariel to be "pandering". Yes, Disney has made weak attempts to include proper representation, but do we have to accuse them of doing that for EVERYTHING? That's literally the same bullshit conservatives put into your brain...
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    The dumbest Kingdom Hearts theory ever contest

    I hope you were around for the Aerith theory.
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    About Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Zelda...

    Bahahaha, nah I meant Ocarina of Time. I confused that with the acronym for Out-of-character that's used in roleplay situations.
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    2nd anniversary already…?

    Kairi so dependent on her man that she can't physically stay awake if he's gone 😭😭😭
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    EXACTLY! Like Raubahn was seriously right there. He already had so much story, but they focused so much on Lyse instead of the actual dark-skinned Ala Mhigan man.