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  • Get the word out to the entrants who make it through to the second round love in a PM to the ones who won their round :)
    Well I only ask because that's how it was last year. Each round girls like Livi and Enchanted Rose would send in a different picutre
    Haha, yeah, it's not any fun, that's for sure. :c

    But I guess it'll come in handy in the future...hopefully. x3

    I'm aiming for the job of an IT. ~
    I saw you deleted Chris' message from the firereadhead/dressed2impress thread. What did it say?
    Hey. ~
    I'm sorry, I felt like I was ditching you, but I had a parent over my shoulder at the time. >.>;;

    Haha, so what's up?
    And how's school?
    Fun and exciting i'm sure. :D
    Haha, seriously?
    I just assumed Vallium because it's a circle. o.o

    I was just talking to Jaxx too; i'll have to request an avvie from him now, haha.

    Lol, i'll talk to you later. ~
    Lol, awesome.
    Good luck. ;3

    Something Sabrina and I were saying, is maybe the reason there aren't as many entries this year, is because they probably didn't see the sign up thread.
    I didn't. D:

    Btw, did you get my pm?
    Just wondering because I didn't see my pic up, lol.
    a lot of girls didn't sign up for the hottest of the hot ;w;

    i'd sign up now but it's closed

    Lol, some pretty interesting entries this year. ~

    Seems like a small amount of people entered this year though. :/
    'Tis quite a shame...

    Hey Byronic, did you enter? :3
    Yeah, i'm a girl. xP
    Thanks. ~

    I'll send my stuff to you by PM, because I know the contest was supposed to be under wraps this year.
    Ok, but what about the girls, cause if there was only one group, wouldn't that mean that only one girl would win?
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