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    Return of a Hero

    Remember me? Doubt it, I haven't been here in about two years cause I..... There isn't an actual reason but I'm back. I used to be Byronic Hero/Keyblade_Masta before my hiatus, I was quite a "Theory-breaker" back then. Remember the days of the Rep system? Riku-Keyblade, Suffering Angel...
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    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Re: Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! God, I hope so. I don't want to have avoid all Kingdom Hearts related sites for another year to avoid spoilers. (Like I pretty much had to do with BBS)
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    EUREKA! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced!!

    Eureka! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced // Siliconera God YES. MORE EDGEWORTH! It will be playable at next week's TGS. Cant wait.
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    BBS MIdnight Releases

    Man, fcuk My Walmart and fcuk Halo Reach. All that damn advertising for it made it so I had no clue that my Walmart was doing a midnight release. Now I gotta wait another 9 hrs for gamestop to open and then get it. Really pissed atm.
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    Ignis sounds more like an antagonists name. That'd be a cool edition to KH. "Fire" name-based villians.
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    Jersey shore spotting

    Commercial's already been reported on bro. Nice try.
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    Hehe, Leonard Nimoy a badass antagonist. This is true
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    who do you think is the toughest?

    I've yet to play BBS, so for now, I cant say.
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    Command Style Names

    RPGs always change names of moves in different localizations. I don't think there's a real reason besides them wanting to use that font do make different words xD
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    New Re: Coded screens

    o_o I think I was just spoiled. ._. I feel violated. Wish that last one was in spoiler tags *hinthint*
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    BBS English Commercial (Simple and Clean)

    Yep, this has been discussed http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-birth-sleep/153808-better-quality-tv-spot-different-version.html Nice try though ^_^
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    Whats inside a nobody?

    I'd saye to just picture a heartless, picture it white and put a Nobody symbol somewhere on it and there ya go. When one becomes a heartless the strength of of is dependent on how much darkness they had in their heart, as displayed by Sora (who only had a little, thus turning him into a lowly...
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    Possible New Screens

    Haven't seen these, nice find. But with the game only days away I don't think I can take being teased anymore xD
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    BBS PS Magazine review 4 of 5 stars!

    Here are some better Pics: ^_^
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    BBS Preperation!!

    I have a Component Cable to play it on the HDTV. And I finally took my PSP out of the drawer that it was collecting dust in. Then I charged it. I may play all of the KH games in order. Lets see, can I beat 1, CoM, 2 in order before next Tuesday while balancing school and work and finishing...