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  • Hm...we only have a couple trees in our front yard XD. One's really small though..
    Well, that might be true :p. People would be more used to talking to certain people and have routines and stuff..
    Lol I think it's because our school lets the teachers decide what they want students to use for class, so the teachers usually give us our supply lists on the first day :p.
    Yeah..:p. Have you gotten used to it yet?
    Haha, probably XP.
    Ohh...well, you still have more time :p. We don't even get supplies list until after school starts..XD;
    That sounds cool~ It's good that you like it :p :3.
    Yeah...then there's no need to miss school, either :p. Thanks~
    So have you started school yet, or when do you start school?
    Ah...that's a pretty long time~. Do you like it so far? :3
    Yeah, hopefully ><". School starts this Monday...I hoe it can sell before December so we could move during break or something.
    Ah...how long have you been there, now?
    And no, not yet D:. Our house still won't sell ><".
    You should~! Vampire Knight is definitely awesome :3.
    Ah yeah...OM made me sad when I heard that D:. But yeah there's Manga Fox and Bleach Exile....and stuff...and apparently there's even a Facebook app with some manga on it owo. Wonder how long that'll last..
    Yeah~ XP. On deviantART especially...but at least if it's fanart, I spend time fangirling over the characters rather than thinking about art skill level X3.
    That's cool~. I'd probably be excited, too XD. What are some of the things you don't like about homeschooling?
    Ah, awesome~
    Hmm...my favorites of manga are probably: Naruto, Vampire Knight ((though I'm behind on it)), KHR, hmm..idk what else XP. I've heard about D.Gray-man, so I'm probably going to read it~ Though OneManga's getting rid of everything ;-;
    Yeah...there are so many amazing artists everywhere >w< *gets jealous sometimes, lol*
    And ah...I've never been homeschooled >w<. I've met a few people on the internet who have, though...so are you going to a public school this coming school year~?
    Awesomeness~! X3. Yes, I love manga :3. What are some of your favorites?
    Oohh...that's awesome! I wish my library had that >w<. I would have fun looking at all the different drawings...
    Ah wow...I know a few people at school who know of the games and have played a bit, but they never really talk about it much...and when I found out I was like "8D Really, you like Kingdom Hearts? :D".
    But yeah. Hopefully you can meet more KH fans wherever you move to owo.
    Ooohhh manga *w*. That's freaking awesome XDD. There's a lot of manga at my library here, but it would be nice if there could be more...XP. So you like manga? :3.
    Ah...I wasn't thinking about my brother XD;. He liked KH as well, but he's a bit young to understand much of the confusing things about the series...XP.
    Ah...yeah, hair seems to like being frustrating >w<.
    Hm, we know the general area we're going to be moving to. I don't know what any of the people there are like, though XP. But that sounds awesome~ :eek:. Currently I only know 1 person who really likes KH, in rl :p.
    Hmm...maybe XD.
    Ah...I'm used to having long hair, though short hair's nice sometimes. Why doesn't your hair wanna be short? :p.
    Eh...me too, if my house sells XP.
    I wonder what it would be, if they had it..
    Haha, yeah XD. My hair's pretty long, but I'm trying to grow it longer, too~. I love long hair, even though it's harder to take care of I guess X3.
    Hmm...I guess that would work, too~. Although I probably wouldn't be good at that XD. Plus I usually don't stick around with people I don't know well, anyway...
    Yeah :p. Although on the English Amazon if it's $25+ then there's no shipping ((if it's from Amazon)) so I wonder if the Japanese one has something like that..
    Hehe, yeah X3. It's so cute~
    Yeah D:. I'd get burnt like every day XP. I even half-way burn myself with the hair dryer...because it takes so long >< XP.
    Ah..that sucks :/. I'm not really allergic to any food, that I know of... Though it could be helpful if someone served a dish that had something you didn't like in it as well as the food you were allergic to XP.
    Ohhh...that sounds like an awesome store X3. Here we have stores that sell Asian food, but not merchandise...though the Japanese Amazon store has some, if I could figure out what's what XP.
    Yes, yes he is ><. Even Saïx looks slightly...more amusing in Shiro Amano's style XP.
    Ah, yeah...I use a hair straightener whenever I'm gonna go somewhere, like school, and I burn myself sometimes XP. Or my hair. But if my hair burns at least I can't feel it...
    I like snickers bars...lots of chocolate and peanuts and stuff :p
    Ooohh...where did you get it? *has only seen volumes 1 and 2 of KHII manga XP*
    Eh...I got KHII today, and whenever I saw DiZ I wanted to strangle him, TBH >.>. Because he's being too mean to Naminé and Roxas :'C.
    Ah, well you're not alone. I barely know how to cook anything XP. But if there's step-by-step instructions for the ice cream it might work...
    Chocolate is amazing~ X3
    Eh, it's okay :p. Better late than never~
    Ahh...I didn't read the manga until I got into the series from the games...and I still haven't read the KH1 manga XP. But the manga's amazing. Shiro Amano's style is awesome, and so adorable~ X3.
    Well like a few days after I joined KHI the subject was brought up in the Xion FC, or something like that, and I got a link to the recipe XD. It would be fun...and hopefully tasty, lol.
    Except maybe chocolate..:p.
    School's alright. It's just I didn't really tolerate it until high school, mainly because people stop caring then. Anything else I don't like involves people, but I'm out in a year and I don't have to see the problem people again :)
    Reeeeaallly busy. Which can be expected when i'm a graphic artist, writer, AND critic...
    How 'bout you?
    I'm glad you're excited! Public school can be many things, good or bad. All in all, its a mini simplified version of the outside world. I just hope you'll have a better time then I did.
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