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  • Hey how's it going? I used to be in the digital media section alot back in 2008ish era, do you still dabble in photoshop?
    It might not have been as long ago as that, but it feels like it, hehe. I know I made a return at some point but... I dunno, I don't remember... anyways... :p And that sucks man, sorry to hear it :/ I hope things DO turn around for ya! Unfortnately for me nightshifts are a permanant thing, and I absolutely hate my job but I know in times like these I'm lucky to have one!

    And with that I best start getting ready for work, maybe talk to ya later :)
    Haha, I know! I haven't been here since like 2006 or something - think that's when my last post was anyway. I've been pretty good, how about you? I've got work in about half an hour, nightshift, which sucks, dunno why I decided to randomly check in! I haven't played anything KH related since Chain of Memories came out - just waiting for KH3 hehe.
    My bad, I used curves to color the entire thing, (after the designing/effects) xP I used layer settings to get some of the colors underneath. It's pretty hectic. The Graphic Design courses are Quad classes, which means you're doing two weeks of work a week. It kind of sucks. But I'm learning a ton, and when I finally publish a book, I can cut out the middle man and type set it and design the pages myself :D
    well, I did do those other things too. Haha, it just kinda ended up that way. I'm an English/Communications Major, and a Graphic Design Minor.
    And the composition is there because I've been in an InDesign course, and I'm being forced to figure how to make things work. It's all text based too in that class, so the fact that I can make text look good without pictures is an accomplishment.
    Speaking of tags, what do you think of my sig? I haven't made a tag in a little while.
    Hey this is going to be a bit random, but quite a number of years ago I was pretty active on these forums as "gazer". Well I remember being quite obsessed with making sigs and your work in particular and it really drove me to be better. I'm currently studying and working as a graphic designer at local company, and as random as it may sound, I think I owe a lot of it to you know and these forums lol
    Oh wow, I forget Canada is so big!

    I've been doing okay. Planning on graduating fall of this year. Been interning with GE. :x Scared of starting my adult life
    Yeah, ultima_keyblade has always been my screenname. I've never changed it. I knew Epilogue (I never actually knew her name, so I feel weird referring to her by it. Haha.) mainly from the Kairi Fan-club, but I did frequent the Graphics section back then for requests a lot. Maybe I remember you from that? Your name just sounded super familiar.
    Ya I am on my third year too. I was actually on track to graduate but I've been doing really bad this semester so it's going to take an extra semester or two (might minor in something?).

    Yes, both Chemical and Electrical are definitely the toughest of the engineering bunch.
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