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  • Lol I suppose you could say that, though nobody knew that at the time.

    Oh do you know what ever happened to NGD?
    Lol you of all people should remember XD. I claimed that Roxas was Sora's Nobody, and Namine was Kairi's Nobody. You NGD, KS, and Monkeybutt chewed me out over it for almost a year lol, when I played the game I cried because I was actually right.
    Yeah Keyblade Shards and the apology she promised to give if the "crazy" theories that everyone came up that she practically flamed people for turned out to be true lol, if she didn't then she owes a big one to me XD
    Eep! *Hopes that's a good thing* I can't believe I found you! I've been trying to find some of the members that I used to talk to but most of them have changed their names or haven't logged on in over a year T_T It's quite depressing to say the least. Do you happen to know of anybody who had changed their name a while back?
    Now I have a question and correct me if I am wrong please, but I saw your original name on the name change thread and you wouldn't happen to be the same .:Kay-El:. that used to go by post in the Official BHK thread would you?
    you were pretty wrong

    DiZ was never the Superior, idiot
    Hey there.
    Remember Beauxxx? I just had a name change a few days back.
    I remembered ya - How you're actually a soft and affectionate girl instead of an assertive guy over the interwebz.

    They call me Vodka now :3
    Once a pleasure, always a pleasure.
    Heya home skillet.
    Beau-Baby says heyyyyyyyy

    =]. What's up with ya?
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