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  • Glad you remember me as I remember you.

    To be completely honest, in the beginning I saw you as a nuisance. My opinion of you now has fortunately made a complete 180 and you are a lot smarter and more tolerable then most members (at least in the KH sections). All in all, glad to have you around I guess.
    I've already explained the Magnamon situation. It was never said they couldn't have done it twice.

    I've never seen the Tamers Movie. Just redesign, I suppose. It happens.

    And, as for Kari, she met a totally different Agumon. But all Agumon's look the same. So, if she saw one once, she'd recognize Tai's Agumon as being the same thing.
    It obviously was not a one time thing, seeing as it happened twice. Thrice, if you count the last episode.
    Because you've started an array of spam (which is partially my fault by continually provoking you, but still), I've decided to end the Magnamon thing, here.

    He was birthed while Ken was still evil, using a Golden Digi-egg. Ken turns good, sometime after that the movie takes place (while Ken's asleep in his dream-world). Using new Golden Digi-eggs, Magnamon and Rapidmon are produced.

    THE END.
    so do u want to be my bf well im waiting ♥ :)
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