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  • Alright, I'm in a deep rut here. I do want to write it out, but my mind is overloading me up with like 'should I write it in first, second or third person view, what's the best name for it..' stuff like that.

    I actually need tons of tips coming from you. Weird, right from me doing RPs and yet can't even write a simple story up. >.<'

    Help. xD
    I can tell it takes time to write up one for Blue Shift at times. So no worries.

    I can actually imagine it in my head on how to do it; I just need to put it in, lol.
    Yay! :D That is great news!

    Hmm, maybe I could write up a version of Kingdom Spirits battle scene similar to Naruto vs Sasuke or the duo vs Lady Danu in their adult years. That could be fun!
    Yo, what's up?

    Are you still writing up for Classic or Blue Shift? Wait, is that right..? *thinks to self* Either way, I need my dose of CD's stories. xD They're so dang good to read and it feels like you're in the world of theirs.

    I should at least try to write something of my own in Writing.. But what exactly? :/
    Good, good. :3 And that sounds good! I'm excited to see us finally donning our powers, including mine! I recently gave my character a clean change of powers because I felt like it made some good journey for her and others as well.

    You'll like it, I hope! If you'd want to, check out my bio again. Of course, it's just for powers; the background is still the same.

    It has been brutal for all of us to be this slow in posting, which I am not complaining; It just so happens this month is kicking us in from behind. xD lmao.
    Hey, I know you were asking about the coma thing for Miracles and the more I thought about it, I feel like it doesn't really click right, so I'm forgoing it and go right to the powers. Of course, I'd like to see the reactions, you know?

    Anyway, you're fine with having Kyle talk to that shrink guy (or girl!) and all that shiz.
    Good for you! Every once in awhile I get a spasm of nostalgia (and a bit of guilt) for how long it’s been since I’ve been here and log back in. RP Section does look pretty dry, but I noticed your (new) name and Skitty Cat’s still posting. Things are going alright for me—recently moved to Beijing and enjoying it there. How about yourself?

    Also I’m about to get on a plane and so will disappear for a few hours, but I’ll be back online later.
    Um, you're welcome.

    It's okay, I can understand sometimes you just need to vent. I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

    Lol, about the same. I've got finals coming up, and still have a bunch to do. I've basically quit my job, my last day is Monday, the holidays are stressing me out and I've done basically nothing on the forums for months. So, yeah, about the same lol. Sorry for the mini rant.
    Ooh! Sounds like this one is going to be another best-seller to read! :D I'm just kidding with you, but I can't wait to read it; it'll be fun.

    I can understand that to an extent and btw, Dream recently just posted in the Miracles, so it looks like all of us are here for the really big deal: the superpowers! :O I cannot wait for the fun and awesome scenes between us all and that jazz. :3
    That's good. :D

    Also, I got to read your new piece of Blue Shift and OMG, I can't believe that just happened! D: Please tell me this is a dream!
    Hey, CD. :3

    How are you doing these days? I feel like we should try to pump out couple of posts, but at the same time, it's like 'I don't want to write right now..' xD Plus, I feel like writing something but at the same time isn't sure how to put it in words.
    It's so good! I promise you, as soon as you take the first bite, you'll be in heaven! :D You didn't know about that? It was pretty well known back then and I actually miss it every now and then. :/ They served everything and I meant everything: Sausages, pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, garlic potatoes, etc. You get the point and hopefully, an image to go with it. :3

    It is boring though. Well, for now I am content to at least try my hand in writing and doing role-plays. :) Nothing wrong with that! Oh, how far along are you with it? If you think you can't finish it tonight, there is the next day or night to do so. It's not like we're starved for it. xD
    Ooh, that sounds good! Have you ever tried Taco Bell's Beefy Potato-Tito? It's pretty good. You've got the bread with beef, nacho cheese mixed with small sour cream and garlic potatoes that is reminded of my younger days eating at McDonald's breakfast buffet. Yes, that is a thing back then! Ah, the good old 90s days!

    Yeah, I'd like to do something similar to what you're saying but more with video games since that's my passion, thanks to Kingdom Hearts! :D I could handle the reviews of games with the exception of sounds and music since it doesn't really bother me. The graphics and the stories overall is what makes the game either great or worse.
    Same here with trying to get myself in writing shape, but I can't decide which one to start on! xD I do understand with the whole junk/fast food, but they're so dang good that it's hard to break away from it all.

    As for me, I'm debating on if I should get a job or not, but there aren't much for me since some jobs requires you to be hearing stuff which I can't because I'm deaf, so. It just annoys me, really. :/ Sure, there are alot of interests for me that could be worked into a job, but no classes for it, I think. So, for now, I'm okay with house and dog sitting here and there.
    Yo! What's happening, CD?

    Feels like we've not talked to each other outside of RPs, so it's time for a personal touch. xD
    I did. Thanks, CD-Man-Man-Man-Man- I mean Cassette-Disk.

    So how've u been?
    I did ask him a while ago and he's trying his best as we are all, so that's that. I usually just do it when it's time to post so it won't be bugging me in the back of my mind, so maybe you could use that advice? :3

    That is real life for you! But I'm glad to hear that you're doing fine. :D As for me, I'm helping out with my mother cleaning up the extra room and convert it into a bedroom for anyone to use; It is tiring though! We're not finished as we originally thought, but there is tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday to do it. That is, if Mom doesn't take a nap or have any plans. x3
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