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  • You know, I can't help but think back to SAO: R/R and just now, I read the last two pages for fun. I've wondered if there is any plans to pull it back from the grave. I mean, maybe it is just me, but I can't help feel like Alex and Crystal's stories aren't over yet; Not by any long shot! :D

    Anyway, that was me being curious and rambling on. Lol. So, how are you?
    Hey! *Pokes you*

    I do hope you haven't forgotten your duties with Miracles..? I'll make a post on it in the evening, but I'm looking forward to moving to get our powers. Not that I'm pushing you on this, but this is all hands on deck sort of thing when you signed up. :p

    Anyway.... Persona 5 is totes fun than I thought and I'm liking it thus far. It's making you think twice about planning since the Palaces doesn't last that long.
    Well nice to hear you've been enjoying Persona. :D *still have yet to get it* Glad to hear you're doing well, good luck with the sleep schedule and writing. I've been doing alright, got done writing the first draft of my manuscript done. So I'm psyched on that, although it also means my own sleep schedule and rp writing has slipped a bit. Whoops. ^^;;
    Hey, how're you been doing? Doing alright?

    Yeah, this anime is making me fear my heart a lot because, I'm caring way too much for everyone in it. xD I'd say differently because, I'm impressed you kept going to write more of it despite everything that went down recently. And I think you've put a lot of effort into it, or it comes across that way. AND WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME SHIP ZACH AND LILA?! (I can't help myself, cause I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. <3) PM whenever. No worries.
    And I was out sick yesterday and the day before, so I'll read Blue Shift tomorrow, kay? :3 Proud of you for continuing to write it for NaNo!
    ;___; I started watching Your Lie in April again, cause I never got past episode 2. I started to care and already I'm gnawing on my fingers after seeing that sparkle. 5 episodes in. My heart beats nervously for this violinist and pianist.
    That's alright! I wasn't home anyways, so you don't have to worry or nothing. xD True. Nah, write when you want to, or when you have inspiration! Besides your Wayfinder you sent me is more than enough as a early birthday/Christmas present!
    Who? Me? \(>u<)/ THANK YOU! I'll definitely do my best to have a good one! :D Haha, don't worry about the writing thing! You already made my day! <3
    I'll get back to you most likely tomorrow. Right now, it's closing in on 3 in the morning here! XD
    I can understand that, I'm a little swamped with papers and studying for exams for class. Good luck with finding a bit of time to unwind, it sounds like you could use it.

    Okay, and again, I'm sorry about the messages since you're busy.
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