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  • My experience here in KHI has been good so far! It's definitely not better then the ones I've joined previously when I was younger but it's slowly building up to be. I love how everyone here just get's deep into the discussion of the series of KH. But I don't have that much knowledge of it yet so I don't know how to formulate when it comes to starting my own thread. I did post once about my progress of how I'm doing in Birth By Sleep with me beginning Terra's story and what not. The 1st reply I've had was not really as welcoming. The others though were very supportive and kind. Someone from here has given me a tip from the game too since I'm still currently on my Terra run which I didn't continue today but tomorrow could be a possibility. My 1st post was me pretty much introducing myself. If you look through my activity feed I'm sure you'll find them somewhere.

    And that's cool! I didn't know Touhou was out for a long time like KH, and I understand how it's smaller compared to this. Speaking of fandoms since I recently joined the KH fandom I might as well tell you about the other ones I'm into. It mostly consists of TV shows / cartoons and other things.

    My fandoms include :

    - Steven Universe
    - Gravity Falls
    - Star vs the Forces of Evil
    - Homestuck
    - SNK (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    And speaking of the reason why I joined this is because I used to go on Reddit before and when they had a KH reddit section not a lot of people really posted and discussed that much on the Reddit website. When I came and joined here everything pretty much changed in a way, not completely but in a way it did. I did join other forums but none of their experiences could amount to this one. In fact they were all pretty bad compared to the previous ones I've joined. This is the 1st time I've joined one in total for 8 years. I never thought I'd imagine the day that I'd join one again which centered around KH. Wow.

    It just takes awhile for me to start opening up completely and be comfortable. Like I'll post a comment once in awhile and then disappear and just overlook until I'm ready to think about something and open up again. Again this has rooted from trust issues from different sorts of people so...I'm sure you understand that I'm more used to taking my time. But I'll try to be more involved for sure, when the time is right.
    Ah yeah I a lot of people have told me that I'm straight forward and that I take things personal which I realized. I just struggle with just, trying to be open and keeping more so to myself because over time a lot of people have disappointed along the way if that makes any sense so I started taking things personal and started to become straight forward because I don't want even people who I meet become even more disappointments to be added to the list. I just tend to worry so much about what other people think of me which I'm..also trying to work on by not worrying. There are other times to where I feel dumb though for having such a big heart that I listened to that more instead of relying more on my conscious on what I should think about and whether I should play it safe so that way people won't hurt or take advantage of me anymore. I mean but then again there are always people like that I guess.

    So in a way I just started to distance myself from a lot of people and just open up to ones who make me feel safe and who I can express to fully. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I just had a belief growing up that anywhere you went, people could get along with other people but the reality is maybe that isn't how life is and yet even how our world works. But I still believe that if we all saw past our indifferences and instead saw that sometimes making friends can be the only way to survive in order for us to help and love each other, I think making friends can be a lot more easier said than done but that's only wishful thinking. But hey, people have boundaries and I'm trying to respect that as well.

    But in a way I think, we all have to understand each other at some point because I think it's only human of us to think that way. But anyways thanks for pointing that out though, that I'm straight forward and that I take things personal. If someone else referred to me this way I'd would've lost it all eventually and I would start blaming other people and pointing them out all because of the fact that I try so hard to prove my point to so many people before. I'll try to be less of that and be more patient. I started giving people space in their own terms so I guess...in some way that's improvement but in a way I still think I'm struggling internally. But I know that as long as you have someone to talk to, that person can help and I think you pointing out helps me enough to be better.

    That's cool that you play indie games! And speaking of Fire Emblem, I have Fire Emblem Heroes for the iPhone. It's just been awhile since I've played it.

    Oh and curious question what kind of RPG game is Touhou and what are your favorite indie games?

    And I also don't really post as much here as you may have noticed since, I'm more used to looking and commenting whenever I can be comfortable enough to. Sooooo.... mehh...haha I don't know what to say anymore to keep our conversation going I don't want it to die out...unless if you can come up with something.

    Also brb, I need to have lunch since it's passed it. It's 4pm here oops.
    Sorry if it took so long to respond. I just get really lazy in the mornings once I wake up since I stay up late so much. I really wish I could change my sleeping rythm I really do but it just doesn't happen overnight. For a few days I got into the habit of having my breakfast on time and showering early but now I seem to be getting back into a different but one I hate to sometimes even talk about where I'm really slow into doing these things and just getting on with my day and for a particular reason I don't know why. I'll have to be right back, I gotta eat my breakfast now since it's 12pm here and it's lunch time already for me aaaaahh this is so bad I get upset over this so much but I swear I'm trying my best.

    I just put all of my negative energy onto someone here on this site which I didn't really mean to and wow I immediately assumed they were a bad person when I know deep down they're really not but now they feel bad but I'm just not not gonna talk to them anymore since all they've done is make me feel miserable. I don't even know anything about them either so I guess it's only right that me and this specific person no longer don't and I longer want to cause any more friction that can somehow make it worse. I opened up to quickly to them about certain things that were personal that I was feeling at the time and that's when things started to go downhill and it was my mistake.

    I'd rather talk to you because you make me feel safe to become vulnerable and open. And you're even allowing me to do that so, thank you. And we both are taking our time so again that put's me at ease.

    Geez, I feel like I make the biggest deal out of the smallest things ever that sometimes I wish I could idk be more mature and take things in a more civil manner but I can't help but just talk to someone about how I'm feeling because to me I believe it helps along the way? Idk. I should take things easy I guess.

    Speaking of other games that I play I've been playing Mario Kart 8 on the sidelines recently. I can't play any video games today though since now I'm not in the best of moods to do so because of everything I've experienced so far today. But the games I do have for my Wii U though are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Bayonetta 2, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8.

    I have a PS3 and have the games Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Sonic Generations, God of War III, God of War Ascension, DmC, DMC 4, Under Night In-Birth EXE Late, and Naruto : Ultimate Ninja 3 Full Burst. Of course I no longer play them and now only use my PS3 for KH and for Blu-Ray movies.

    What other games do you play?

    Btw thanks for still allowing me to talk to you and slowly opening up bit by bit.

    It's just wow one person can really mess up how you really feel and I never should've continued conversating to this person so now there's an indifference of a connection between us because it became my fault but it's ok. I made the mistake and I'm slowly learning that I don't need people like that anymore in my life and I'm more careful on who to open up to who includes strangers and as long as I don't talk to this person anymore and talk to you instead, I'll be ok.
    Me and you are soooo much alike in a way! Wow. I'd be exhausted if I had so many friends in my circle that I only keep a few around me, so in a way I have my own bubble you know. I think it's cool to have that. Instead of making so many friends who might end up being fake and bad ones for your own safety and health you keep the ones around you who are more comfortable with you and close to you who reassure you that it's OK you know. I also have a few friends too and they know they love me and I love them too and in all honesty those are my kind of people and who I want and need. And like even most of the time I don't even go outside to meet people very often.

    I'm not good at making any good friends either. And it's come to a point to where even if I feel like making a new friend I'll tend to be very pushy because that other person see's me that way and not with rather how people close by me see me as. And it's very true that as you do get older it does get harder each and everyday to meet new people and make new friends.

    I for certain on one thing have trust issues which is why I only let a few people in because so many people in the past hurt me before.
    At the end of the day not only do we need to constantly reassure ourselves that you only have yourself at the end of the day and how you need to keep trying to take care of yourself but I think we also need a friend to believe in. I think just as long as we have that friend I think we'd be able to do the unimaginable.

    I think it's really sad though when it comes to our era even now. No one ever seems to make it seem easy to let other people in because everyone so focused on surviving instead of hoping for the best. Now, friendship has to be earned instead of slowly and normally opening up to be comfortable with each other as time goes by. It frustrates me a little because there are some people who tell me instead of looking for a friend they twist around the logic of that and tell me that I should be my "own friend" when that doesn't make sense to me even one bit and yet they tell me at the end of the day that I have to "keep going and keep trying to be a good person" when I already consider myself one. And the reason why they do this I think is because these people just never knew what it was like to be kicked down and to feel really low. I've definitely been to that place and experienced it before and I can only tell you that it hasn't gotten better, I just learned to rise up through out all of it by not figuring out ways by myself on how to get through it but by talking and connecting and understanding other people and instead of wallowing in my own self-pity I'm slowly learning how to fix my problems too but I still believe things do get better just as long as you have people who love you.

    I'm not familiar with the Touhou game series at all, so sorry to quite say. And yeah, getting lucky I can agree. I used to force friendships before then realized it never got me nowhere so now I just depend on luck and continue to try to make new friends and find another way talk to people and I do so by just being myself.
    Ok! Well we can try to know each other then! And yes I do understand. I know friendships take time. That I can respect and be patient for. I like it when friendships start off like that and as time goes by it grows then you become more comfortable and open with the person as you trust them with time, plus there's consistency which I also like.

    I cosplay whenever the chance is given. It's more of a hobby but yes I do want to cosplay other characters too and invest my down free time into that, when the time is right. I started cosplaying because of Homestuck. If you're not familiar with it then I understand. If you are then, oh boy lol. This time though I want to cosplay other characters and branch out of the norm. I think it'll be fun. Sora is a start for me to branch out since he's different than who I usually cosplay and plus with the hype of KH3 coming out I think it would make sense. I'm not cosplaying for any competitions or anything like that. I do it just to have fun and make try to make friends through it. I haven't made any costumes since I'm more used to buying them online and getting them shipped.

    I agree yeah KH is a nice place! There's so many nice and very sweet people here. You can ask more questions too if you'd like. We can keep up a pattern which I'm sure you know by now.
    Oh yeah tbh I like night more than the day time. There's a feeling you get I guess when it's night time, because all you have is just you and yourself while everyone is asleep since everyone is focused more on the morning and day time? I deal with unusual sleeping patterns sometimes but I'm also trying to stay on top of it too. Oh and you haven't answered my question about Skype so does this mean you're not gonna give it out to me yet? You can on PM me your Skype if you want but if not then that's ok too. Talking to you here is enough.

    I'm just not as close to my main family as much as people would make it seem out to be and I'm more close to people that seem to be outside of our family branch. Ever since my dad came back things for me have been somewhat complicated.
    Ah ok, got it it makes sense. I mean I'm ok with calls too but I guess it depends more on you though if you want to add me even though you barely use it. I just thought that in a way besides talking on here, Skype can be a way for us to communicate.

    And aaah the con I'm planning on going to with my cousin's happens next year around the summer so in a way I feel like I have a lot of time to plan my Sora cosplay? I went to this year's too and I saw an Aqua cosplayer and noticed her's but I was cosplaying someone different who was Mikasa from SNK so like...the connection was there but maybe if I was Sora at that time things could've been different! Which is why I want to try out Sora in hopes I can meet more KH fans and make new friends with them! Also brb, I gotta eat my breakfast and load up my clothes in the washer machine. Yeah, I'll let people know that if anyone from here is going to Anime Expo this year who are cosplaying Kingdom Hearts characters through a possible meet up next year.

    And also one of the things I wish I could stop doing is staying up late because if I do then I get really lazy in the morning. I'm kind of not in the best moods overall though since my mom disrupted my peace last night of being forced to go and spend with my family when I originally wanted to sleep early so I could continue playing Birth by Sleep but ever since she disrupted my peace last night that's when I start to having this kind of down and about mood to myself. The most times I stay up late is until 12 but I went a bit farther and slept at 1:30 in the morning instead. Also I just realized I'm having breakfast around 12 in the afternoon.

    I just sort of having an imbalance right now and I'm just overthinking at this point. When people force me to do things it isn't just...GOOD you know it pisses me off so much and I get really angry and disrupts everything that I'm trying to work towards especially when it comes to my mom.

    We talked about this before though in all honesty my parents just don't realize that even though I live with them I still need, my space. My mom just used the fact that just because I don't spend enough time with my sister she's just using it as an excuse. Like I'm not a boy anymore I'm trying to navigate life being a young adult while still trying to find ways to have fun and be happy and make friends and meet really good people that are around the area of the certain things I like who can support me and love me the same way how I'm willing to do for other people when I meet them. I believe that this could be a possibility though in all honesty.
    Ah ok. I'll keep that in mind. Also I ended up not going to having lunch with my family so that's ok. My family is pretty small though compared to others. I have 2 sisters but they're all in they're 30's now. One of them is married and the other one lives in NY and she does whatever she wants. The one who's married lives here in California. Not specifically with us but they recently moved into a house here in LA because they used to live in San Francisco.

    And tbh I care more for my parents I guess because they still stay with me and they've been with me through thick and thin, you know. So like I joke with my parents sometimes but it's more in a laughing light hearted kind of way. When it comes to other people...it's not so much. I do have friends though, I can tell you that. The ones who I consider myself really close to is my cousin's. They're like the Donald and Goofy to my Sora and whenever we re-group and see each other again we become the ultimate dorks literally haha.

    And yeah it's more in a matter of just finding my own people in a way? Like I plan to cosplay Sora next year and my cousin's are down to go to their first convention with me (if it happens) and join a KH photo shoot group at the con (I think I told you this already) but in a way I'm looking forward to that. The only thing I need to deal with now is finding the time to actually buy the costume and the Keyblade. For the costume Amazon has it up for a high price. I just hope that in some way I can convince my parents to see if they'll be able to buy it for me in the future. I do have my own credit card and what not but don't have a lot of money so I'm very limited to what I can buy. The Keyblade isn't all that expensive though.

    Thanks for telling me the Organization members get harder on the higher modes! To me that's already a challenge including the Sepiroth boss fight.

    Speaking of my progress on Birth by Sleep I unlocked 3 worlds the other day which are Disney Town, Olympus Coliseum, and Deep Space. Now today I believe I'm continuing on for Never Never Land. I might take a break from playing it though since I stayed in up late until 1 in the morning and woke up late @ 9:45am in the morning and instead play some Mario Kart 8.

    Also despite our timezones being different you know which I'm sure it is, do you have any other means of other ways we can talk? Do you have a Skype or something? If you don't that's fine we can just stick to this. Anyway I have to go take a shower now and eat. It's already passed the time that I was supposed to eat and be in my house clothes by then. Hope you get back!
    Cats, Cats, Cats. Something to do with Cats.
    Now that's a Visitor Message.
    Also I want to think I have a lot time solely for myself to tomorrow but sadly I can't for the whole day since I have to be forced to spend lunch with my family when I didn't want to to begin with. Hopefully my parents think that along the way I never wanted to go to begin with. I'm relying more on my hopeful statement that I won't go because if I do have to then all the anticipation of waiting for tomorrow just to continue playing the whole day could be ruined. I don't want to have a half day to continue playing Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep. All I want to do is just stay in the house and play it so I can finish Terra's story. But eh, I live with my parents so what can I do. We have to go somewhere far from the house and we need to deal with a freeway just to get there.

    I'm sure you can understand with how stressful it is, with family you know and just how you're so used to being by yourself and surrounding yourself constantly to people who see you differently and accept you that when you spend time with your family members you seem out of place and all you ever do is pretend to like them and just talk to them just so you can get by. It's actually a little annoying though in terms of just the aspects of it. All you do is just see the same people every time. I want to get out of the birds nest one day and want to have the confidence to as well but right now in my deepest of hearts I don't and feel like I am not ready yet but, I'm slowly trying to take care of myself and also slowly taking my time with working my way there so when I'm ready, I'll be ready to. But at the same time I think it's nice to also have a friend who you can talk to as well so in a way you can keep yourself grounded. Like, for example you. I know we usually talk about the Kingdom Hearts games but I thought this could be something I could share and vent to you about. Just wish I had more of a chance to meet more people my age who are nerds but...I guess that only happens yearly in conventions. I plan to cosplay Sora next year and join a KH group photo shoot because I think this is my chance to meet people and make friends who are into the same thing.

    I also joined this forum so in a way I could meet new people too. And I want to say I'm glad that I've in a way met you through this forum.
    I understand why you think the rest of the KH games are meehh compared to the main ones and the ones you've listed that are your favorites. Wooaahh you platted the game? Even in the hardest difficulty like in Proud Mode? Awesome! Yeah the Gummi missions are pretty cool too! I look at them as mini-games. Ah ok. So I'll keep Aeroga on at all times, got it! Also did it take you a long time in order for you to get good at KH1? Because I feel like you committed lots of practice with the game! Which I plan to do for KH2 in the future. KH1 could be possible too! :)

    Yes KH2 is probably the best one! And speaking of KH2 I'm currently going through a compilation of each and every single boss fight that's in KH2 FM. The video is over about 7 hrs and 32 minutes long and I'm around the 2nd hour of it on the half mark of 30 minutes in. In the vid, you fight Demyx at this point. How is the experience for you when it comes to the Sepiroth boss fight in KH1 for the other harder modes? Is it like really really really really really super fun? Because you probably learned every single way how to beat him at this point. If you learned how to fight him in KH 2 wow that's even more greater that I'll be amazed.

    I have never heard of Coded! Then again that might just be me being new to the series, so thanks for mentioning that. 0.2 looks AMAZING!! I can't wait to play it one day sometime by the end of the year when I'll hopefully get a PS4 including the chance to play Dream Drop Distance! (you may not like the game but I don't know about it that much in it's entirety yet)
    Oh I see got it. Have you played KH 1 in the other modes then? And is that you're favorite KH game out of the series? Why do you like it?

    For me personally it's KH II. Reason is for the boss fights and the stuff they add for the Hades Coliseum which I have yet to try out. I like how they added for the FM version of KH II that you get to fight every Organization member again at the Garden of Assemblage. I'm very eager to fight each member in all honesty but now I don't feel like I'm ready as I still need to master KH II. I haven't played it in a long time. That and also learning each individual members patterns.

    And speaking of KH I, I haven't touched that game in awhile! To this day I'm still stuck on the Ansem boss fight. Me and my cousin tried to beat him. We got to the 2nd and final phase of the battle once but we couldn't make it simply because of how under leveled we were. I'll work on that one day though, that's a promise.

    For now the priority at hand is finishing up BBS. I did check on my file for KH II last night though.
    I know that there's an option where you can go to the Mirage Arena, I just haven't tried that part out yet specifically in the game.
    Hey btw, I beat Braig today! Using Terra was REALLY different but I figured out a way by just blocking his attacks as it reflects back at him! The boss battle became fun instead of me trying to go forward onto him and attack! :D
    lmao thats the wooooooorst. in german we capitalize the first letter of nouns, so whenever i start capitalizing just ONE noun i have to go back in the text and also capitalize the prior ones. aahhhh xD
    Yeah I suppose it's better to just let a less biased person judge what you wrote, because they don't know all the backstory shit in your head and thus can more easily judge if what the reader sees actually makes sense or not. xD
    But hey, it's hard to find a non-biased reader. D:

    Lol I will try my best but no promises. But I can easily just sneak to the sofa and watch some supernatural silently, LOL.
    I sometimes write the stories I daydream about, but they usually turn out differently (and less emotional, sometimes they're so sad in my head I could almost cry LOL and then when I write them it's "uhm yeah where's the emotions again?"). Currently I have a lot of plot for the story I'm writing on in my head when I go to bed. xD

    I mean I think it depends on the person? I just can't get myself to get a proper schedule no matter how hard I try, even if I like...don't sleep for a whole day or two and then go to bed at 10 or 11, I wake up at 4 and can't sleep anymore D: Grrr.
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