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  • I mean I'm not a non-believer. I just know that sleeping schedules never worked for me, that's why shift-work retail is basically my kind of job cause it doesn't matter for me anyway. xD
    But I love day-naps lately (I kinda nap really well in my new room) so that's okay. The more often I go to bed, even if for a short time, the more I can day dream and make up fun stories in my head (I'm weird).

    Is good cake. With chocolate and chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting. There might also be some chocolate in it.
    Guess that means cake.

    Well thing is sleep patterns dont work with me so i hope you can keep it up xD
    Food indeed!
    I was once (actually more often) told I make the best chocolate cake in history. :)
    Oh my. By fancy hat, do you mean a baseball cap that says "S W A G" on the front? Cause that sounds extremely fancy.
    I'll wait patiently, because cats are a good reason to be late.
    You know what's more? I heard you're gonna meet the one and only VodiGeer in ten days. Please don't faint!
    xD I'd say yes of course, but lately I'm not sure who I am anymore. Vodi, VoodGeer or just a dragon that breathes really hot fire. H E L P.
    Yeah, it felt so surreal. The orchestral renditions along with the footage was beyond perfect. I'll never forget that day, I even signed a booklet for her telling her that she's the best composer on the planet.
    I was down at J15. Not the best seating position in the world. Hopefully you enjoyed the event as much as I did!
    Just to let you know, I'm going to be the brown guy who's wearing a London blazer. Can't wait to see you there!
    *Playing:not 2.8))):*
    I feel you,everyone buying 2.8 at launch,but i STILL have to buy a PS4 THEN 2.8.
    Yep, I have a saved file where I'm level 70 (The World That Never Was is honestly grinding heaven) and I still can't beat him lol.

    He'll probably be harder than he is in KH2, since many people don't like the easy difficulty level in KH2, then again, many people don't like the hard difficulty level in KH1 lol. It might be balanced from the two.
    It took me FOREVER to beat him on Standard (I wasn't good at KH then and I was level 40 looool). I know his tactics now, and I still have yet to beat Sephiroth.
    Those bosses in particular. Also, the Wonderland boss bothered me, too. KH2 might be easy to beat as well..... except for that damn Roxas fight.
    Oh, I love dogs! Never owned one, though. Close to getting one.

    So far, I'm planning to Proud mode KH1, after BBS on Proud was so easy. Kinda scared, though, KH1 can be difficult.
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