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  • You didn't say what kind of work you do! :p Yay, now it's only two days? Nice.

    And I never knew you didn't want to go to college...well, you must have had enough of school I guess.
    Do you have your driver's license already? : O
    What, you work seven days a week?! What kind of work is it?
    Well at least you get some money : D Are you saving for something?

    We should definitely talk a lot more!
    Did you really grow out of KH? Hmm I have to admit that I kinda lost interest as well, but don't tell me you are not excited for BBS or Re:Coded! : D

    Glad to hear that you've been good.
    I'm also doing fairly well <3 Summer vacation in three weeks. What about yours?

    It's a shame that we don't talk as often anymore, but I guess it just happens.
    Hey, long time no talk!
    I saw that you visited my profile page, so I thought I'd drop you a visitor message. :3

    Hope you've been doing well?
    Beat Crisis Core (awhile ago though, internet's been screwy). Effing amazing, probably one of the best PSP game out.
    I'm playing inFAMOUS right now, probably gonna get Prototype afterward
    Ah good to know lol. I stopped when some intruder came in the bulding after he got his 1st Class clothes.
    I'll get on it later tonight
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