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  • Nice, glad u gave it a try and liked it! Even as just a hobby, getting one and learning how to play is a great idea imo.
    lol, Well XD jk jk, its fine. Good starting work ^^;;

    Cool, wish I was musically talented in some way XD U have ur own guitar?
    Well, was gonna wait till weekend, but to be honest, probably can put it now. Is someone excited?? XD lol

    How was ur day?
    Lol nice... Well actually NM except that I'm leaving KHI... It's too stressful now, the RP's didnt go as well as I thought it would. But yea, that and I dont like the new management... Not much can be done 'cept to move on. I hope to see ya around Chromatic! Take care!

    I kinda have an idea, a way to make the setting Earth actually. I'll PM you a general idea.
    Like I said though, I am still on the fence, may very well just keep it KH.
    lol The Reverend was one of my faves!!

    Ofc, this is whole new story, so change what you see fit.

    Also, I am on the fence with whether or not this should be KH related still. As in, should I go all out original story or keep as it was?
    :D You know, so do I!

    Hmm...maybe I will be working on a revival. Though, probably be best to start from scratch. Still same basic story ofc.

    lol and here I was thinking what I should do XD Guess I found out!
    Dude, dont feel any shame. I read his temp, and from just looking at it, I felt like I lost a battle I wasn't even in...

    Tav's is just something else.

    How has college been treating ya? I can say from being part way through my first year, it is loaded with work...why didnt you warn me XD jk jk
    lol Mostly metaphorical, you are right it would swallow him whole. I actually just revised my temp with better detail cuz this temp was old XD

    Thx for pointing it out :D
    Yeah, I think that could work. The only problem I had with a refugee is that he could warn the boarding school about the Virtues.
    Who is that you don;t want mentioned? Tav?
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