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  • Eh, for me I'd aim for something to make the underdog stand out, preferably something associated with ice (maybe the claws can be replaced with icicles, the metal tip at the top of the helm replaced with a snowflake) but I can wait, right now i've got a lot of time on my hands...
    I see you've changed your avatar again, it looks nice, is it from some kind of anime?
    I personally don't see any reason to change my avatar, there's only so much art of the heartless soldier on the internet. Maybe i'll get another one of those free comissions one day.
    I'm really not good with words when it comes to this 'cause I'm actually very shy I don't know how to handle complements, but I really, really appreciate your kind words to me and I want to hug you so bad! ;A;
    I think the most exciting part about all of this is that we know for sure now that Riku isn't just gonna be background noise in this game, his personal struggles and personal story are still very much a thing despite him finally reaching master status. I'm so hyped, I'm so freaking excited.
    Baaahhhhhh I know! What in the friggin' world, that Riku beach scene!
    It was such a nice surprise! Everyone was speculating that (plaid) Riku was a fake, guess he was real after all! xD
    That's good, you deserve a break, and pre-order items? deluxe edition? what are they? I've preordered a lot of games before but never for kingdom hearts. Bear in mind i'm trying to remain spoiler free until release (what have i done....) so i couldn't watch the stream.
    Hey Howler, how's it going? i imagine you're out of school by this point and finally on your break,
    Are you ticked about the official release date as I am? or are you someone who sees it as a good omen?
    Yay! I was right! And thanks! It was seriously like really bugging me, cuz I thought I recognized it, but I wasn't sure!
    So it took me a while to get back to you, buuuuuuut, I'm assuming your huge school assignment is passed and you can proceed to Riku rant now if you want haha
    Oh I don't really follow KhuX. I remember KHI getting rather grumpy on account of her getting slice and diced.

    She totally looks like Reynn in that avatar btw.
    Well i'm glad you enjoyed yourself and had a fantastic performance, I was right to root for the underdog, they may not be the obvious choice, but they've got some impressive skills and tricks in their repertoire. Keep moving forward Howler, those 4 weeks will be over before you know it!
    Hey Howler, how are things?
    I just finished my last final today and am finally on a well-deserved break. How did you do in that play?
    Sorry for the late reply, you know how real life mixes things up! > _ <

    Ahhh Howler dear, I recommend Thor 3 so much, you'll definitely love it, it's very funny and has amazing scenes. I think watching Thor 3 after Infinity War will be some kind of therapy to you, overall it's just one big lovely movie, even with the guaranteed feels and conflict.
    Tbh I believe Loki died for good now, only some kind of magical resurrection would bring him back. Or a bigger plan. If you watch Thor 3, then you'll know the context of the beginning of the movie.
    I was one of those people to ask "Why didn't they destroy Vision sooner??? to prevent all this chaos??" but in the end I trust Mister Doctor's words, as he saw all possible future outcomes and sacrificed himself willingly, with the one possible winning way in mind.
    TONY GAINED THANOS' RESPECT. Tony watched Peter die in his arms......... Tony just carries so much in his heart and on his shoulders already. I fear even more will depend on him in Part 2.

    About Hulk and Bruce, you'll know the situation if you watch Thor 3, it's much more complex than just a fear of losing to Thanos that keeps the Hulk inside :D

    Not gonna lie, I cried when Peter died. Mannnn I cried so much, but then my friend next to me said it's impossible for them to remain dead and he was just SHINING with optimism and I couldn't enjoy being sad and traumatized, even if that sounds strange xD I wanted to drown in those feels but his optimism didn't let me ahhhh

    I barely know anything about Captain Marvel but I am looking forward to the movie, of course.
    Infinity War part 1 is a heartbreaker.

    oh by the way, we didn't talk in a long time, right? so that means you finished Undertale by now, probably. How did you find the game? :D
    Heyaz Howler!
    I saw the movie and yeah I say let's keep the impressions till you see it too, and then we can lift the spoiler ban between us
    I can't wait <3
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