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    Something that People aren't Noting in the Secret Ending

    I'm really getting sick of all the retcons.
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    G4 TV BBS preview/'Worlds' of trailer

    beware the verselesssssssssss :0
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    New July Trailer!

    Oh, man, I love aqua's battle cries. They're perfect.
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    New coded gameplay?

    Hey, has anyone seen this yet? don't know if it's new. Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Video Game, Japanese Debut Gameplay | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com
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    I agree with this to some extent; Xion was meant to collect hearts - her personality (or lack thereof) is a defect. At least that's what I've convinced myself.
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    It wasn't *just* the scream - the scream was an example. Yeah, I can see how she's a weak character, but I just liked the VA for no particular reason. No need to rip my limbs apart.
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    TAV Keychains~

    Although all the keyblades are awesome - Ven's looks the best to me. It retained all of it's character at that size. Whereas Terra's has the wrong number of grooves and Aqua's looks too... disproportional? as for the other keychains - only a girl could get away with owning one of those.
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    I actually like her VA, it gave me chills at that one part when she screamed. If any of us were in KH as OURSELVES, there would still be people bugging out about the voice acting.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3DS question.

    He just means that it'll be something completely new.
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    explanation for english aqua's voice, proof/footage

    Aqua's NA voice has been slowly growing on me, I LOVE her battle sounds.
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    Why was Disney's Castle not included in kh1?

    Well, there are some videos of playing in Disney castle... with hax of course.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS BBS E3 2010 Trailer Redemption!!

    No disrespect, but when I heard Eraqus' voice I burst into laughter.
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    The New Features in NA/PAL

    I'm really excited for critical mode. KH2 on proud mode was about as hard as KH1 on normal mode. The first time I beat Kingdom Hearts was on Expert :)
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    Footage of BbS Demo @ E3!!!!

    Oh my god, the people leaving comments on his page are idiots. They're calling him fat and only defending their argument with the size of the game's fan base. HE'S A TROLL. Leaving hate comments is what he wants - a reaction. -___-
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    BBS Preorder Promotions?

    I Never even knew about the Days promotion :| Either way, all I want is the game.