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    KH1 vs. KH2:FM

    Okay, so who here thinks that KH2: Final Mix will be more fun than KH1? I personally don't think so, since KH2 wasn't even close to the fun level of 1. I don't know why, but it just wasn't. Anyway, what do you think?
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    Square's downfall?

    Has anyone else heard that some of the major people that worked in Square moved to another company? At first, I didn't believe it...but it would explain the random crazyness/suckyness lately...like X-2, Dirge of Cerberus, KH2, and the randomly changed for no reason battle system of XII. Also...
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    RE4 Mercenaries reward

    Okay, I was just wondering, is it really worth it to get 5 stars on every level with every character?!? It the handcannon really that magnificent? Just wondering, because I've beaten professional mode twice, and my skills are still lacking when it comes to Leon getting 5 star rankings. He just...
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    Just got a Gamecube!!!

    But I'm not entirely sure what to get for it. Here's what I'm already planning on getting: - Metroid Prime - Zelda: Wind Waker - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - Super Smash Bros. Melee - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Are there any other trully great games that I should know...
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    Birth of Roxas

    Okay, anyone who hasn't beaten KHII, READ NO FURTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so, has anyone ever replayed through KH1 again just to see the moment when Roxas is created? I want to. It's gonna be so cool to see Sora...
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    Has anyone ever played and beaten KHII, and then went back and played through CoM again? I'm going to soon. I bet it'll be way easier to understand the story and all the mysteries then, plus it'll help me make the connections between KH and KHII.
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    Voice Actors

    Okay, out of the few good ones (Let's face it, the vast majority of KH2's voice actors sucked, including Haley when you compare him to how awesome he did in the first one), which one did you like the most? I'd have to say the voice of Axel. I personally think that he sounded the coolest out of...
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    Best game coming for PS3...?

    Okay, out of these games coming out for the PS3, which do you think will end up being the best in the end? Final Fantasy XIII? Kingdom Hearts III (if they make it) ? Devil May Cry 4? Resident Evil 5? Metal Gear Solid 4? God of War II (unless it's coming for the PS2, which I've heard rumors about) ?
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    Resident Evil 5

    Anyone heard any news about it yet, besides what the trailer shows? Oh, and does anyone else think that the character in the trailer might be an older version of Chris Redfield?
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    RE4 Ultimate Weapon

    Okay, I heard a rumor once that if you're able to beat all levels with 5 stars on Mercenaries mode, with every character, it would unlock the most powerful weapon in the game. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Has anyone been able to score 5 stars on every level with every character? Oh...
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    Which show do you enjoy the most?

    Out of these shows, which do you enjoy the most? And if you really don't like any of these shows and like something else, feel free to tell us what it is and why you like it.
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    Hey, what's on your wishlist for your birthday (or Christmas/Hannukah/anything else)? I've been thinking about mine, and here it is. It's actually much, MUCH longer than this, but I'll hold back and only put the things I really want. --- PS2 --- Final Fantasy Anthology (for PS1) Shin...
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    Roxas is Crazy!

    Well, technically, he DOES fight with Sora in every battle, if you really think about it.
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    Yah, that's probably it. I probably didn't have as much fun as I did in the 1st because I knew way too much going into the 2nd...maybe I should stay out of these forums after I beat the 2nd, so I can enjoy the 3rd...but most likely I won't. This place is just too cool.
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    Nope, I'm on Standard mode, but I plan on playing it on Proud mode once I finish. And you can vote now.