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    My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

    My SOTW entry! Watcha think?
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    Working on kind of a new style for me

    and (This one was a request. Did the best I could with the stock) WHATCHA THINK?!
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    This was a request I had in my sig shop. I had a hard time with the manga stock, but I think it came out to be one of my more unique tags. Whatcha think?
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    We Put Birds On Things

    *~*~*~*~Let me make you things.~*~*~*~* (´・ω・`) Here's a template. Stock: (What do you want in your thing?) Color: (What colors do you want your thing?) Text: (What do you want your thing to say?) Effects: (What fancy things do you want in your thing?) Size: (What size do your want your...
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    Give Me Space So I Can Breathe (WIP?)

    I don't know if it needs more. It feels done, but I feel like I also need to do more.
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    Of Falling Stars

    Hey guys! Long time no see (if I've ever seen you at all)! I'm glad to see the Creative Writing section of the forum still thriving. I used to write a fan fiction back in the day, but I stopped due to lack of drive. Years ahead (now), I started writing another short story. This one is an...
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    It's been a while.

    Looks best on a dark background. Lemme know what you think of it!
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    Kept ya waiting. huh?

    Long time no see, KHI. Just popping in here to see if there's anyone from back in the day still here. I'll be in the DM section mostly trying to get back into the graphics design thing. I'll probably be trolling around other boards too, but oh well. Hi. 21 years old. I play music. I don't...
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    Still Fly

    Some stuff I made while I was away from KHI.
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    Young Adult Friction

    My latest and my current. Check it out.
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    Help/Support ► omg massive guilt

    Knit with your friends, discuss getting drunk with your grandma.
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    Cloud_Unchained vs Hellpark

    haha, I screwed up the poll in the last thread. Trying again.Vote.
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    CU vs HP

    Sprite Battle Vote.
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    Digital Media > Competitions

    Someone make me open Photoshop. Let's shake off the rust.