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    [KH1] Could Kairi actually have gotten the Kingdom Key...

    well these are all good theroys but namora never wanted that to happen so it is impossible, remember these games and the story line behind them are just ideas in some guys head, which he likes to change around the rules
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    [KH1] Could Kairi actually have gotten the Kingdom Key...

    nice theroy but i dont think that would happen because namora didnt write that
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    it would be a good keyblade if you want a challenge to beat bosses
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    when has x ever been used to attack in kingdom hearts, its always been o
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    ventus kingdom key D???

    are the pictures working now??
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    ventus kingdom key D???

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    SPOILERS Why BBS is good and bad

    well considering that you only beat it on medium, you can say its too easy
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    Now for all those who played BBS

    well you can also buy the game extract the iso and still use the patch to play it on your cfw
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    Now for all those who played BBS

    idk if you guys support pirated games but the patch is out and you can play it to see for yourselvs
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    KHII FM ruined it.

    if you read the ultimainia it says that 1 keyblade can be in 2 places at the same time, so practically he couldve been holding 2 different keyblades but in essence it wouldve been one
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    What if Plan A Failed?

    that couldve happenned if namoura wrote it to happen
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    why kingdom hearts 3 will be a ps3 exclusive and "reconnect" will be on nintendo platform

    all main stories have been on sony stations BBS KH1 & KH2, both side stories have been on the nintendo handhelds Days and CoM. not including coded lol and if your gonna say that square enix will want more money,well kingdom hearts 1 was a major success and while japan didnt really support the...
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    The Memory Skyscraper Fight

    umm. they had to kill the heartless, the reason he threw riku the keyblade in the first place
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    who will star in the next game has been down to 2 characters for a while

    well i know that but in the interview did namora say that the series was gonna be in kingdom hearts, becacue if he didnt he could be giving a hint to who it is through another series ala epic mickey