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  • Probably because they got rid of the virus problem - finally! This "skin" is supposed to be safe and all~ Squee >X3

    I can't help but worry DX Like if I were to hold onto someone's hand right now, this instant, I might break it, my hands are shaking at this moment, it's fun to type like so :p

    Block decides the future of about 48 students every semester. About only 13 leave with happy ones. This is my last try and then I'll...well I don't know. If I don't get into Block, I can't see myself with a future, it's a terrifying thought. It's like peering over the deep deep end of a well, and thinking I belong all the way down there since there's nothing I can contribute to anyone anymore ;____; My purpose will cease to be ;_____; I won't have any worth to give anyone, err to get into Kingdom Hearts terms, I'll become a Nobody, I'll become an accident that needs to be disposed of because I will have failed everyone I care about in trying to make a future.

    You know that song Russian Roulette by Rihanna? That's the fear I'm going through, that song spells it out plainly, just think of the guy opposite Rihanna playing the game as Block, and I'm in Rihanna's shoes - here's the lyrics:

    Take a breath, take it deep
    Calm yourself, he says to me
    If you play, you play for keeps
    Take a gun, and count to three
    I?m sweating now, moving slow
    No time to think, my turn to go

    And you can see my heart beating
    You can see it through my chest
    And I?m terrified but I?m not leaving
    Know that I must must pass this test
    So just pull the trigger

    Say a prayer to yourself
    He says close your eyes
    Sometimes it helps
    And then I get a scary thought
    That he?s here means he?s never lost

    And you can see my heart beating
    You can see it through my chest
    And I?m terrified but I?m not leaving
    Know that I must must pass this test
    So just pull the trigger

    As my life flashes before my eyes
    I?m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
    So many won?t get the chance to say goodbye
    But it?s too late too pick up the value of my life

    And you can see my heart beating
    You can see it through my chest
    And I?m terrified but I?m not leaving
    Know that I must must pass this test
    So just pull the trigger

    Funny, I still think Sakura is a tramp XD But at least she's not a murderer, thank goodness -_-;;

    It'd be like Romeo Must Die? XD Err, I haven't seen that movie, but the thought came to mind XD - BREAKING NEWS! Naruto spoilers for the next chappie is out, there is a debate whether they are confirmed or not....but.....OH....DEAR.....GOD......It says....that...Naruto, will die with/for Sasuke............I think my brain just died, give it a minuet to reboot.


    I swear if Gazielle is a crystal I will stop reading Fairy Tail until this arc is over DX Dangit, I grew too attached to these characters ;_____; - Hold up! Breaking News! I just read the new chappie at mangastream, I believe that's what it's called, and I'm dropping Fairy Tail until this arc is over, I can't take it anymore ;~;

    *Retracts claws* I need to find an extra vent for this fear, I don't like these thoughts, they're too scary >_<
    *0* Really?! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~! And guess what's coming up? Block DX *** dammit. But I'm not dissapearing yet, I'm not at all, 'cause I'm going to need all the support I can get, I've never been this scared in my life >_< ;_____________;

    Shoot yeah, he'll Twin Bone their *** XD

    I'm with ya on that, but somehow, I can totally see the author not killing him, but he, he has to! All of Naruto has been about what a ninja MUST do. To cement the Naruto story, and not take the easy road out of oh~! He can still be saved~! Naruto must end Sasuke :( But he didn't end Pein.....grr, I don't know~! Today is such an indecisive day DX

    I hope he gets a kitty :3 A cool one, and you know, if there's anything to be gained from this arc (beside from stopping the torture of hurting Fairy Tail ;____________; ) it's that he'll get a kitty - I mean they're in that world right? 8D

    Ass whooping? The king must be obliterated down to his last particle, his last scrap of DNA. *claws* XD

    Thanks, my legs are giving out again just thinking about Block :____________; =w= It's warm here :)
    =w= My strength is coming back to me now, with the help of your embrace, I feel much, much better ^_^ Thank-you Love! :D And don't worry about the chappie, whenever you can is whenever you can :3

    OMG YES - head captain is pwnsauce! That was nice to see him go all out, err, or at least show his awesome possum powers~

    I knew Naruto wouldn't kill Sasuke -_- I mean, if he didn't tear Naga, uh, the real Pein after all the mess he did - (Jiraiya~! ;________; ) there's no way he'd have the guts to do in Sasuke. If Naruto does kill Sasuke, that will be a chapter to go down in Otaku history.

    Yeah XD Gazielle is quite awesome, even though he started off as such a jerk! I mean I hated him, but he's really come around :3 And him playing the guitar made me laugh out loud XD


    Edo-Gray is a fake. I want the real Gray back ;~; (*Sniff*)

    =w= can you hold me a little longer still?
    *Sniff* *Hugs tighter* Yeah, you're right, he was even here today ;w;.....And Lecty ;________; I hope she's safe.

    8D OMG They sooo were!!! Naruto and Fairy Tail rocked awesome sauce, but I kinda predicted Bleach a bit, it's like, we know Aizen is pure hack at this point - he must be stopped! Come on Ichigo - stop standing there!!! DX

    OH yes, Naruto must kick Sasuke's but from here to the Moon Village and back!

    And Im all caught up in Fairy Tail, yep, but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH~! They're all crystal except fotr Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy and the kitties - WAAAAH!!! My poor Gray ;_; I don't like this arc, I hate seeing characters as hostages ;___________;

    (*Sniff......sniff*) ;____; Please keep holding me, my legs are weak.....:'(
    And now.....Jason...... ;____________________________; OMG all the friends are dissapearing!!!! Hold me please, I can't take much more ;________________________________________________;

    True 'dat true dat - unless there's a form passed Full Hollow >:3 But yeah, I think you're right, Full Hollow is pretty much a hack attack XD

    And I will cry leafy tears when Naruto does end him ;_; Remembering how they used to be in Team 7 :( Naruto will have it in him, he has too. I don't know about Sakura's mindset either, bleh, she's just "there" ya know? XD

    White Ichigo is nightmare fuel @_@;;..... ;_;

    *Sniff* I'm still hung up on what happened to Jason ;__; Lectori has been gone, now he's gone, and Cef can't get on as much as she used to and now neither can you.....I'm trying to see this in as positive a light as I can, that it's just a period of time that we have to settle and grow our own things up, we have things we need to do.......

    Yet taking a page from "I'm Sure Gonna Miss You Mister Hooper!" -

    "But I don't like it, it makes me sad - you know everything was just fine - why does it have to be this way?!"



    "Yes, just because."


    At least, we all met......we all met and had a lot of fun.
    Can't say I blame the networkers as much, they're just doing their job, but it's ridiculous that this virus problem can't get fixed ;________; I think they gave up because it's too much of a problem and they can't solve it :(

    I dunno if Full Hollow is enough now >_<;; I mean, it's just not even fair at this point, and I'm worried that we're gonna have a graveyard (yay dead pun) full of peeps before we're done with Aizen. There's no Bleach this week, booo, so we'll have to wait a while longer, but the new Naruto chapter is out :D.........;__________________; There is no hope for Sasuke's character now. No hope. Even I have given up on him now, I had something, a little something, but it's gone now.

    They're just milking it for all it's worth now, that makes me mad :mad:

    *0* what if they have that icecream at Akon one year? 8D SCORE~! :D
    It's okay, it's the website's fault ;__________;

    It was like a hacker move, Aizen is cheating!!! :mad: But damn if that wasn't some awesome drawings of OHSHI - for the ice man~ I mean I could feel his scream resonating though me >_<

    I know right?! Hey, I've got a new name for Sakura - Sakuramp......Might not catch on - but it has the word tramp in it - which she deserves >:/

    Usually we make 'em ourselves 8D but only if we have enough suntan lotion and time XD

    They do actually make it, it's at one of the Walt Disney worlds if I'm not mistaken~

    >X3 I'd only share one with you too, I hope it tastes good XD
    This just has to be shared, but I helped myself to some spoilers for the new Naruto and Bleach chapters and OMFG......Seriously, O M F G. I was head desking and nearly rolling in pain for the **** that goes down. I will say this, everyone knew what was gonna happen for Bleach, and for Naruto.....Sakura needs to get ended, like now.

    And before those I read those I read the new FMA chappie and was as such the entire time -> :O OMG! Is this like epic week or something?! Everyone is pulling out the big guns @_@

    And as for the new Soul Eater chappie, that is coming out soon too. I was pretty much speechless reading near the end of that one - I mean, I repeat -> :O Shi-Shinigami-sama.........*shivers*
    Hey man I don't know if you remember but I am trying to get my FFXII RP of the ground, and you said that you might be interested. So yeah.
    *Is still suspicious of the sun* Okay then, as long as it doesn't pull a fast one on you - I'm watching you mister sun.....I'm watching you :mad: - O_O crap - it's nightttime! It's plotting from the otherside of the world! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH~! DX

    Have you seen "the dawn is your enemy" bump from adult swim? That about sums up my fears of the sun O_O;;

    Pizza and icecream is summer, you what would by funny? If the first icecream we shared together was seasalt icecream >X3 or vanilla :D

    Dude, like canon ball dive into the suntan lotion 8D Not only will you have the joy of scaring little kids in being the whip cream monster, but everything is super slippery too, fun sliding timesZ ^0^
    DX NOOOOOOO~! Not the sun, not the sun!! It's out to get you too! Take me instead sun! Leave James alone~! ;O; Dude I can't tell you how many times I've gotten sunburned even after dumping suntan lotion all over myself >_< I can only imagine my risk of skin cancer now ;_______________; I don't like going outside, I love being pale, it's better than being burned DX (And then there's also breast cancer to worry about which killed my great aunt and a distance aunt, but I digress >>;)

    Time is cruel~ the more we age, the more about our bodies we find out, and what ails them DX I never tanned, I always ALWAYS burned >_<

    >X3 *super hug of luuuuurve~* :D
    >X3 *hug*

    XD Summer is awesome~ I remember going to the pool, t'was fun times 8D I'd bring toys with me and pretend I was like in dinosaur times :p And then there's the beach which is out to get me >_< Poor Galveston ;_____;

    .......You know, for the first time, I won't feel lonely on Valentine's day :)
    A sense of accomplishment neh? I hope I have that for Block XP For this whole year in fact, there's so much I want to do, suddenly a semester doesn't seem like such a long time, and being 21 suddenly feels so old and forgotten, bleh, I digress, what's done is done, things to do, I won't be a rock with glue~ XD

    Pfft, forget Spring Break, I'm thinking of summer now XD
    ._. Sounds like painstaking good-fun, oh well, I'm used to getting grounded down in work :p

    >X3 Yaay~! Hurray for mind reading XD

    I hope this semester runs by at a good pace, have you noticed that the older you get, the quicker time flies? My uncle told me about that, and I think it's true O_O
    Oh yeah ._. I bet it takes super patience to get the details right, and the hair, and the coat, and the eye glint~ But still, it's awesome >X3 Oh layering, I can do that, photoshop and illustrator are like that, and I bet final cut can do some clean up~

    That's kinda scary with Murai ._. but cool, the horizontal slits give that "I'm calm but awesome" flare~ Does Taruke have a bit of a smirk? I kinda picture him with a smirk, and a cunning grin for Murai~
    XD I went through the same thing graphic style, only Ms. Dosset said "I'll probably make four of you drop because I'm hard like that" XDDDD but hey, that means more room in the classroom right?

    Yeah, but a federal offense is something that stays with you the rest of your life >_<

    I'll probably be doing stick figures too till I get a tablet, grr, I could've gotten one before, but the opportunity slipped :( do you know if it was possible to scan in pics to flash and clean up the animation?

    >X3 thank-you~! Ney, what color are thier eyes?
    Ohhhhhh - I've been in those cramped classes before too DX I'm with ya, I hope some drop >>; Just truck on through it, it's only for an hour right?

    I figured.......>_< Well certainly, don't do anything that'll hurt ya, those guys have much computer smarts, but they're playing with fire >_<

    YES~! 8D *0* How'd you like flash? What did you make on it?

    I know the frame rate for Disney is like, 32 frames a second.......goodbye hand, hello carpel tunnel XD...;-; my aunt has that now, and my brother too, grr, stupid hand deterioration.

    I was gonna do alternative versions of Shou to represent Taruke and Murai, you know like Yugi/Yami :3

    XD he is a little demon, but he's practically my little demon (he's originally my brother's cat, but Lucky was NOT in good shape with him, but he's fine now thanks to my mother and I getting a good vet to see him, poor kitty, he really is Lucky) and no, no tranq's for him, I'll just deal with his little outbursts~ At least he can be a good alarm clock XD - all hours of the night~

    Ewww, double duty prof >_< I've got one too, bleh, and for speech class of all things?! We're supposed to be talking, not reading, but I digress, the book is helping me overcome my nerves, so, meep - to ends it's own I guess~

    That's good, 3/4 good profs :3 Oooh~ that's cool, can you get the remakes of gold and silver that way? Anywho I hope they're not pulling your leg on that, that wouldn't be cool. In my computer class, we get to learn flash at the end of year =w= yay~! and then I can make like an opening for k.h.a~ but I really want to animate Shou *_* Shou and all his bad-assery with his coattail :D and the demon twins transparent on either side of him >X3

    *still woring on R&L pic* - * HUGGY~*

    In kitty news, Lucky had two of his toys out yesterday, nothing with cat nip in them, they're the little jingly ball thingies with one that makes a ratteling sound - and here's how my night went:

    12am *jingle-jingle* Aww Lucky's playing, cute~

    1am *jingle-jingle* Hmm, he's still playing...."Go to sleep Lucky~"

    3am *jingle-jingle* Okay, I'm putting these toys up for the night *takes toys*

    5am *jingle-jingle* -_- dammit.

    XDDD I swear I don't know how he does it....Or I guess I missed a few other jingle balls XD
    How big is she? :3 I don't remember if you told me ^^;

    It's live action, but they have a weird 3-d segment in it~ I think you can youtube it, but I found out about it having a few comedians tear is to shreds as they watched it XD

    Oh I meant just the one so far :3 o_O A notes professor, if it's a hassel, maybe you can get a voice recorder and record her lectures so you can replay it all you want, but, notes are a nessecary evil; does your college have like little notes tips or something? I try to summarize as best I can x.x......What about the book? Does that help better than the notes? Or is she the kind to like say, "you need the book, but we're only gonna be using it once" oh I hate those profs with avengence~! >_<
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