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  • yeah? lol thats cool then.. lol everyone is surprised that I wanna be an actress now cuz i never wanted to be.. but i always imgained being famous for something XD
    That's good.
    I pretty much got off for awhile because some mods have some..."Miced feelings" for me...to say the least.
    My point exactly >:D


    Changing things up a bit. Showed this to Danny the other day, so maybe you'll like it. Yes I'm a gundam geek <_< *hides*
    I find it ironic and odd how the staff enforces rules but at times they don't follow them correctly and sometimes craft their own rules out of them. It's like a corrupt government; want to start a rebellion with me? XD
    He needs a good kick to the junk. I mean really, coughing? I can understand talking maybe but it's a natural bodily function. What next, kicking someone out for breathing?
    Ah you have one of those teachers eh? I don't really hate my math teacher; she's decent, the things she teaches though is worthless dribble that really amounts to nothing in the real world (well that depends on your profession though). My accounting teacher is decent but at times I just wish I could disembowel her... ok, a LOT of the time.
    :3~ thanks for the boost in confidence <3 well I've been noted to be good with almost anything I've been given as a resource so... XD now I'm just boasting. Yeah... don't ever do it >_> tedious and annoying work, and if you're not good with math DEFINITELY don't do it. Every 5th period I contemplate suicide...
    ^_^ glad I'm on the right track! Oh =o nice major, a lot of people are going out for something in the fine arts; not specifically that field though. Oh yeah that's true, I'll have the chance to change my major, I learned my lesson from this year. Fuck accounting @_@
    Yup I'm a junior alright...doesn't feel like I'm one though xD yeah you have a point there, Vandread mentioned that before and both of you are right. I do have time but I have a general idea as to what I want to do, I'm just not sure if that's exactly what I want as a profession (graphic designer/director). I do have back up plans and I've set my classes up for next year so at least it's a start right?
    Well like you really need luck <3 ah well at least you have an idea of where you're going. I, however am still clueless ._. couple of ideas but I'm very nervous about the whole ordeal.
    Lol that's what I'm saying xD as long as it doesn't look too beat up I'll take it. Ah so they are, that's good ^_^ and writing some colleges for scholarships is always a good idea. Hopefully you'll get accepted and you'll get much dinero out of it >;3~ best of luck to you dear.
    Focusing on one cause is better then focusing on two at the same time. I'm sure the family can help with college expenses, you just try to worry about the car. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, a decent compact car that runs good on gas is something you need. But I'm sure you know most of this already, right?
    Eh it's alright, the older you are the more responsibilities you have :D though you're only a year ahead of me you get what I mean. Glad to hear you're ok :3 no problem, thought I'd ask while you're online.
    Yeah xD
    I've been good, haven't talked to you in a while though, how are you these days?
    Yeah? Cool me too lol the drawing part anyways.. lol now I also wanna be an actress so when I trasfer colleges im gonna major in Performing Arts too.. (sorry for the late reply btw ^^;)
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