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  • Oh, I did finish 1 before 2, but since I got it at a time where it was already known there would be a sequel I never got this "nostalgia"-feeling many of the older members have which sometimes also leads to put Kh1 on a pedestal etc.
    I know what you mean, lol, that and the fact I like the characters so much made me take a weird dream about KH I once had, flesh it out into a whole story and then start to write a FanFic about it.
    Not to mention using my graphic skillz somewhat. my Signature (except the Moogle, that one is from Sign) is actually self-made. ^__^

    In my case it was actually more disdain at first, which was the reason I didn't get it when it originally came out. I thought the FF-guys would be dulled down by being thrown together with Disney chars like annoying Donald Duck. Then I learned that Maleficent would be in the game as well as Sephiroth...which then gradually changed my mind. Sora having similarities with Cloud a little also helped, although I am still laughing today when I see the monstrous shoes he has in KH 1.
    I came relatively "late" to KH as I was originally a strict Final Fantasy fan, lol.
    I got KH 1 around 2004, one year before KH 2 came out.

    Not many realize, yep, and some just don't care.
    Yet I came to care deeply for most of the characters and have no real hate character.
    I can even tolerate Pete and Demyx if they don't get too much screentime, lol.
    Oh, someone in the same age group.

    Uh, thanks. Yup, I tend to interpret much from the various games and interviews.
    Thinking it out is well spoken, lol, I just can't help it and do it often. ^__^
    Between the two companies, there would be enough. Hell they could have a Rathalos from Monster Hunter if they kuping wanted. .
    Funny thing is, I would prefer a dissidia style romp vs. a 2D fighter. It works better for all of the FF and KH characters anyway. And itll give Capcom to chance to really show off some spectacular moves in a 3D arena.
    Well that isn't entirely true. I'm seeing it as more of a street fighter thing. Now are you using an iPod or something? I can hardly ever use this site on my iTouch because it loses single with the site
    Hm..... Well we already have dissidia, I really don't think we need a square fighter. I don't know if I could stand having Sora fight Zero. You know?
    Yep you're good. I think the site may have been bugging out, because I can send long messeges. Oh maybe I need to clean out my inbox.... I got an email saying I was almost full
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