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  • Oh, that sounds pretty interesting, and yeah, I do remember. I'm not sure about the collaoration, though, since that would require dedication. I do play around with RM sometimes, slowly working on a project. I practice pixel art a little bit so I'm not good yet, but I really like eventing and I'm comfortable with the eventing system.

    Since you're planning to try your hand at a Pokemon fan game, I would suggest getting Pokemon Essentials. It's very easy to make a game with it, though sadly it's only for RMXP.
    Yeah, I do. ^.^
    I haven't played Alpha Sapphire in a while already, though. And I'm close to finishing Pokemon Platinum.
    Is there a specific reason why you ask?
    I've been doing okay. I've been trying to Platinum KHFM and Re:CoM now or at least attempting because I've already platinumed both KH2FM and BBSFM.
    Cool! Do I have your friend code? Feel free to add me, if you haven't already (it's in my signature iirc).

    No problem, man! Improvement should always be acknowledged ;)

    And yeah, I don't have that problem anymore either. Some weirdass bug in Chrome, I believe, because I didn't have said problem with other browsers. As you probably read as well, we're most likely gonna get back on track next semester (sometime in February). I can already tell for me personally that I'll be working on the project a LOT :)
    Sure thing, I'll see if I can help! Though, I'll be busy in the afternoon so, I'll be only available in like 8 hours or something.
    I have no scanner anymore. Dx Plus I think it'd look neater/cleaner to draw one entirely on a computer.
    Not really. I have no means of trying since the only means of getting tablets is to buy so I'll likely go with the cheapest yet best quality listed in the thread. As for programs, I suck at computers so that'll take me ages regardless. Dx
    I haven't got anything yet. I was gathering information to help me to decide on the matter. =3
    Yeah, you'd think! Pete seems to take to the whole computer thing a lot better than Maleficent xD

    She'll do it the way she does everything! Stumble upon the knowledge and work her way up that way.
    She's not computer lingo literate so she's just repeating what she heard, albeit incorrectly since she hasn't the slightest idea how the thing works. In Japanese she says "deeta world" because she doesn't know the word "data".

    I hope that makes sense!

    I'm so lucky I chose to hoard my stuff because I ended up falling back in love a few years later. I can't even imagine. I have a Digivice from Digimon Tamers and Sailor Moon's wand and everything. xD
    No problem! Yes that was me, I hope it wasn't there too long though since I wasn't online.
    At least your problem has been solved then, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner! Besides, I think Zephyr would have been a better help to you anyway.
    Sure! What questions do you have? I'm not very familiar with gimp though, but usually photoshop and gimp work in a similar way so I'll try my best at answering your questions.
    Well, ive got several free drawing apps, but none of them are really good. ^_^'
    As for a scanner? No, I dont have one still. Though im debating it as a Christmas idea.
    Ive just been doodling on paper. But my attention is focused directly on National Novel Writing Month until the end of November. Im pretty stressed at my lack of free time!
    Well, the newest console I have is a Nintendo GameCube, so I'm a bit out of the loop. The few times I do play games, it's usually Super Smash Brothers: melee and Star Wars: Battlefront II with my cousin; otherwise I'll go even further back and play Super Street Fighter II on my Sega Genesis.

    Favorite all-time games: probably Resident Evil 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and StarCraft. Oh, and I do actually really like the Kingdom Hearts games that I've played, so there's that. Yourself?
    Im probably done for today. But thanks for those close and amazing battle. GG breh
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