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  • Hello! Hehe I'm all late and stuff but yes it's ok if you call her Ikari chan I have no prob with it but the story is complete and stuff u just gotta go thru the pages of the forum to find the chapters so I hope you like it :)
    pretty great. A kid snuck an alagator past school secruity today, and put it on our principal's desk. XD
    he got suspended for seven days.
    What about you!?
    mmmhm totally. I can't wait to see what braig is cooking. I never would have suspected him in the early games....of being anything more than another one of the apprentices, maybe even the comic relief! But now....!
    You can go to my statistics and you should be able to find my stories there ^^ I have Riku and Mai, Riku and Mai 2, Ikari: prequel to Riku and Mai and last but not least Stuck in the Host Club ^^ All Riku fanfics btw so yeah hehe...

    So if you choose to read them just leave a comment on my page..... uhm.... that's it ^^ hehe

    And if that's how you found me cool ^^ I don't travel into the forums much any more because I get sick of rude people so yeah hehe
    Cool! So how did you find me? Well idk sooooo if you wish to read my fanfics I have them on this site and two others. And if you wanna leave a review you candace it on my page. :) that way I will get it with looking for it :)
    You are?! AWESOME! So, i'm guessing you've read my Riku and Mai stories? Or my Stuck in the Host Club story? idk how you found me but I"m glad I found a friend ^^
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