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    racing Riku

    Wow...good for you.
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    Fun with donald and goofy

    Thanks!!! But, um...I meant where Aladdin and Jasmin are at!! Remember...place in the desert where there's this big head and we go in through the mouth and then, there's this thing and giant balls were coming out of it....I just run to a spot where they can get hit.
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    Fun with donald and goofy

    LOL....When I'm mad at Goofy and Donald, I take them to that desert place in Ale- something and inside the cave. Then, I stand on a area where they would get hit and I won't. (Giant Balls) They loose health! :D :) :p
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    who looks the coolest sora or riku

    I like Sora better. He has nice hair! :D
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    Did you notice...

    I didn't know that! :rolleyes: Thanks for telling me! :D
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    What's the hardest part in KH??

    Yep. That sephiroth thing was the hardest to me. :o
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    Ages of players

    Augh, I played that game when I was um, 14.
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    What part of KH did you enjoy playing the most?

    I liked it when I was in Neverland. Sooo cool.
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    I hate Oggie Boogie.
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    Best way(s) to reach level 100 for all characters. (Expert and Easy)

    Oh...I thought you had to go around and kick a bunch of heartless butts.
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    Saddest part of KH

    I think the saddest part was when Kairi and Sora got separated.....again!
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    The Princesses of Heart

    You guys are confusing me. :confused:
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    Sora is...I can't help it! He has nice hair!
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    Were is Gepetto's House?

    There was? I only got 9 postcards. I gotta try that again.