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  • I'm alive.... Just a little pissed off at my friend and hiding my cousins room.... blagh... :p So what you up to?
    Actually the cure for cancer was hair, since that part of your body can't be effected by it. X3

    I'm into Utada, Greenday, Black Eyed Peas, Rhianna, Eminem, and many others. XD
    How bout you??
    Alright, it will take 3-5 days. Maybe sooner...
    Okay, so do you want too draw one heartless based off of each?
    No money will ever make me give in XD
    It's a short song by Hollywood Undead... (My friend was singing this)

    It's christmas in Hollywood
    Santa's back up in the hood
    So meet me under the miseltoe
    And fuuuck

    It's a funny song. <3
    I'm glad you're better ^_^
    Randomness <3
    Yeah, they updated Vbulletin form 3.0 to 4.0 or something. But they ignore some of the issues with it though -_-

    I can probably do 2-4 monsters at a time depending on how detailed you want them and what they'll be doing. I can do a few mini-bosses for the bigger missions. Reference pictures help a great deal, so if you want a heartless based off of an animal then a picture of the animal would let me get the work done much quicker...
    The last version of Vbulletin had a similar problem. But it never got solved :/ I want too be able too type whatever I want...

    Okay, cool. I'm running low on supplies currently so I may or may not be able too color them in.
    If I'm making the monsters then it would probably be better for me too stay behind the scenes. But I wouldn't mind being something like a second Ansem SoD since I'll be chucking out heartless for people too fight. I'll join but I'll stay behind the scenes until very late in the RP kind of like a final boss.
    It was a bit more, but I don't like dumbing down my posts for the VM system.

    Just tell me what you want it too look like, if you could provide a base picture to go with it then that would be great. But in general just tell me how you want it too fight and stuff and I'll see if I can make it work.
    Yeah, it's annoying me. I lost what I typed too you originally.

    Well I don't answer to Chase when it's a student or someone saying it. But if a teacher does then I kin of have too -_-
    I don't mind upload sketches, if you have a request for a specific type of heartless just tell me a few days (3-7) days in advance and I can probably have it done. My scanner can fit 11x9 paper so I can put at least some detail into them.
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