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  • I'm okay~ just got home from work. :3

    Ohno! It's been a while now, that you've been waiting.
    Yep! 1.5 will be released on the PS3 next year, sometime. :3
    *very late reply*
    He got diabetes. D: He's a little better now.

    Well, we're trying to plan some stuff for the community. :3 Fun things.

    Did you get Dream Drop Distance yet?
    My dog is very sick. :c

    I know the feeling! Though I was terrible and just talked to my coworker most of the day~~

    Mainly my job is just to move or delete threads, etc. Sort of like "housework". Also we're trying to do more community events so I'll be trying to think of new ideas for that and try to help organize some of them.
    Thank you~
    Thanks Crystal! <3 I'm doing okay! Some crazy life stuff happened recently so I've just been trying to sort that out~

    How are you?

    So far it has been! I'm still brand new but I'm excited about it.
    well, the requirements to unlock the secret ending are different. and the difficulty level is another factor. yayy~ :3

    yep! there's a balloon one, a treasure hunting one and a water one.
    yeah he did remind me a bit of aqua, but i just find riku and aqua to flow a lot more than sora/ven/terra. i found them to be a lot clunkier.

    thanks! it's from puella magi madoka magica
    aw :c i can understand that. and yes, experience is very important~

    yeah the minigames give your dream eater points that you can use to unlock abilities.
    i chose standard because everyone made it seem like proud would be really difficult, so the game was pretty easy.
    um, mostly. there are a couple things that were really ridiculous,
    ohno! D: but hopefully the money is good?
    a professional scheme?
    they're just silly and mad when they can't get what they want.

    Riku was so much fun to play as in it<3
    you get to play mini games with your Dream Eaters! :3 there's a balloon one and a water one that are pretty fun, i'm not a fan of the treasure one.
    audit firm! does that mean you graduated? and yeah, i bet! it sounds stressful.
    yeah my job is usually pretty fun. the only stresses are usually from rude customers.

    the gameplay is really easy. :3 there's a lot of extra stuff so i didn't end up using it all of the time. between reality shifts, dream eater links, commands and flow motion there's a lot to keep you entertained while battling. it may take a little bit of running around initially but you get it no problem.
    oh, where are you working?! :3 i completely understand being busy with work.

    vacationnn <3 i just got home from work actually, so now i'm being lazy
    Oh, don't worry! I haven't really been on at all. Are you enjoying your new job this time around? :eek:
    Lol, they should have already released them! Do you have it yet? Also, can I add you on my 3DS as a friend? I want to add as much people as I can! :D

    Really? How is that working out for you?
    It's okay~

    Yeah, it's the silver ticks. It tells you if you've encountered and defeated that monster :3
    I think it does because of the ending~
    I played it, the PS3 version :3

    So I've heard...I wish somehow I've got it already and I don't know xD
    Monster Bestiary? Hmm, you could look at where the monsters you haven't gotten are locate. Also, fragment skill that lets more enemies appear. You could go the that place and hopefully they'll appear. :D
    That sounds hard! I'm assuming you had some experience before on these types of things? :eek:
    I suppose it could seem like a long time, but you know how fast time goes! Also, no I haven't really played or bought any new games, really. :c
    I played the demo recently for KH3D, it's actually quite fun. It looks great on the 3DS and stuff! :D

    If I get forced by people to do things, I don't like? Hmm, it's happened before. Why? Does it seem like that for you?

    Oh you are welcome! Feel free to give me some if you wanted. xD lol
    What does an auditor do? I've never heard of such a thing! I suppose if it's near your house, then that might make it maybe a little bit better!
    I guess until August somewhere. Also, I want to, but I don't know what to do! :eek:

    Yup. Try not to think about such things. If one starts believing they won't be happy, it might come true. :c

    Did I give you rep? I always forget who I give it to! If I did, I hope that cheers you up. <3
    It's fine! I thought you might have been busy anyways! ^^
    Oh, and really? What kind of job is it this time?
    I'm good, just trying to enjoy my summer break, trying to figure out what to do!

    Maybe in time it will get better? I hope you aren't dwelling too much on it? :c
    Haha, well that was rather quick. How long did you really last? :eek:
    If you weren't comfortable working there, then there was no reason to stay. >W>

    Different then with family? I hope it hasn't got that out of hand. D:
    Yeah he is :D despite his past being so sad and everything, he's still so strong. Yep! *U* reason why they're one of my OTP
    Wow, that's a lot more than me! :O Almost there. Those two are the hardest, right? :< Good luck.
    Any guide for that? I have no idea, sorry xD I just use various sources from the internet to track down the fragments~
    What? Then how is the working still happening then? Did someone else do a hostile takeover then? lol
    Aww, well if you don't feel comfortable working there, then you shouldn't stay if you don't want to! So long as you are sure that's what you want to do. I'm pretty sure you could maybe find something else?

    Saw it. So that's it. At least you are thinking about the situation. Family should always come first, and with you caring so much, it just shows how much of a caring person you really are. If anything, it makes you all quite awesome for helping out. <3
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