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  • Yeahhh it will be preety gooood,
    For me at the moment im into, My Ps3 and since there is no KH on Ps3 there is no intrest for me.
    unlucky my lifes a bit layed back at the moment not really doing anything just learning lines for my GCSE Drama play but thats really it ;p
    Naruto is epic tbh. :)
    I might jut get myself to been a premium member as i want to change ma name, but i must admit as soon as the DS KH comes out in the UK ill be on here a lot more.
    Mmmm yeah, well at the moment im losing intrest in Kh atm, i need a big new announcment to get me back into it.
    Yeah my teacher like makes fun of people and swears which makes him the shit XD hes not like any other of my teachers(besides history, my history teacher's cool.)
    hey can i borrow 50 cents i need to call heaven...thank god ur in my life lol...i got that txt earlier from some number that i dont know just thought id share it with ya lol...what ya up to?
    kewl. i shall make a welcoming party! *digs around in pocket producing 3 elastics bands and a button* think this'll be enough for the guests?
    You just finished them? I did them like two weeks ago XD
    My Tech class actually isnt as bad as i thought. Our teacher is wicked funny and makes fun of this chick who was using elbow cream inn the middle of class. XD

    But my study still sucks. >.>
    Dude my study sucks major ass! The teacher doesn't even let us talk! And if we don't do anything she gives us work to do!! WHAT A BITCH! My other study teacher just let us do whatever the hell we wanted to do I WANT THAT STUDY BACK plus it had all of my friends in it D':
    AAAHAAAA althoguh now seeing as we switched int a new semster, i lost my gym class and my god study s and theyre switched with a Tech class that everyone says sucks major ass and a shitty study with a bitchy teacher.

    well i don't have a watch, bt yea quite cheap lol
    i got a guitar a bit better then a watch i suppose lol
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