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Danica Syer
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  • I is ok. Just finishing associate's degree poop at community college, then moving on to two years at university to get bachelor's in Engrish or Creative Writing Poop whatever here is piece of paper so I can wipe my butt independently sort of deal.

    How is you owo
    OH MY GOSH!!! I have not heard from you in FOREVER!!! How have you been???

    I've been doing pretty well lately. Job hunting and trying to get through my senior year in high school. plus i still have some colleges to hear back from.
    Oh em gee! We are on at the same time! :O

    Did you see Brave?! How was it? You must tell me. :D Go on email, though too!
    Haha, I thought as much! That you would come on today. xD

    You been waiting a year for this, I remember when we where just talking about it last year. It seems like the hype has finally got you! Go watch it, and then tell me how it i! I need to watch a movie soon... >W<

    Come on soon! We need to talk about other things as well.
    Candyyyyyy! You need to go on email so we can talk faster. :D

    I see you are on. /lurker xD
    OH? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT MY DEAR FRIEND! As I thought, I did think you where busy. You can't neglect your duties just to satisfy me, am I right? xD
    Hey hey HEY! It is never too late to wish someone happy birthday! 3 days isn't even that much. I've had worse. :O

    Me too. How you been as of late? :D
    Candy! It's my birthday on the 12th. Where are you?

    You need to come on. >W<

    Hi, again! :D
    Reddit likes to make fun of other websites, like tumblr, 9gag, 4chan, etc. We're still friends, obviously. Just tryin' to make a funny.

    Really seems like the site has gone off the deep end. There doesn't seem to be a lot of action over at fanclubs, a lot of people were so goofy and friendly back then, like you and I. I hoped that this place would still be the same, people and attitude...
    Glad to hear you're doing well! :D

    JDC is so cool~ We were ecstatic when he followed us through KHI's twitter as well xD
    Yeah, I've noticed. Khinsider has seen better days from what I can tell. I can't get my name changed because I don't want to contribute to a facist perverted trolling administration, lol.

    I reddit, so I guess we're mortal enemies now. Reddit > Tumblr
    I was Lanxx. I decided to leave my embarrassing times on here with my old username. xD

    I've been just splendid! (Except for the huge load of updates this morning that caused me to be frantic the entire day.)
    Nice. Looks like you just ended up confusing me! Not like it's a hard thing to do, but whatever! xD
    You never truly leave. Maybe they are right after all!
    Ah, I know. Money is so tight now. I'm pretty sure you have some time to get both, hopefully~! Try not to dwell that much on that.
    LOL, is that so? Well... xD

    You know pretty much everyone in there, so jump right in like you have already! ^^

    So, you are always bored then? Haha. <3
    Oh, you know, the usual... bored one day, stumbled upon this site, wondering if it might be worthwhile to come back and see my friends.... turns out most people are gone besides you and Gildragon. What has changed since '09?
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