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Danica Syer
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  • Hey dani! I've been busy lol alot of stuff for school, but its almost over

    how about u?
    Well, I like how the characters play off each other a lot, so it's hard for me to pick a fav, but I guess it would be Mac. I'm super jealous that you got to meet Gary too.

    What kind of music do you listen to? My favorite band is The Fray, although I listen to a wide variety of genres.
    Because I like the setting and characters the most, I like CSI: NY the most. Although Horatio's one liners are priceless in CSI: Miami.
    Thank you :D

    Yeah it is nice and to the point. I admire Sham now and believe in his quest for sexification of KHI usernames. XD
    2 papers, 2 take home exams, and then I have finals proper next week.

    About how the EEC was strugling with enlargement in the 60's and 70's.

    I wanted to take a civil war class! I've got American Revolution, that should be good.

    It's due the 15th.
    I'm a fan of far too many shows to list them. XD But aside from anime I watch stuff like CSI, Mythbusters, Attack of the show...

    As for games I mostly play RPGs and shooters. I still need to beat FF XIII. XD
    We have ALOT of company.

    I have an essay due Monday in History of the European Union, another Essay Due Wednesday/Thursday for "Islam in the Modern Era", a test for that class due Thursday, then 3 tests and a 15 page paper I haven't even started due the week after that.
    I'm procrastinating too. I have 3 papers and a few take home exams due this upcoming week I haven't even started. (gah) I hate final time.

    What are you procrastinating on?
    I was in college for a year. I was a music education major. I can't go to school right now cuz I'm having to work to get money for me and my husband. I'm trying to get into a program for some computer classes for free. Hopefully that will help with the job hunt. I think one of my friends in studying something in communications. I'm not too sure. If I went back to college, I don't know what I would go for. I don't really see myself in any form of career. Here's hoping things get better for the both of us. :D
    Hi Danica! Wow.. don't know the last time we talked. (I have a feeling 2009 wasn't it) How are you?
    I've played the old CoD's and Halos. They were alright, I played them with a friend. I wouldn't buy them tho
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