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  • Maybe you read the wrong thing..? I like the idea, but its not what I was anticipating. I just solely wanted like a dark feel to it, not like sky blue stuff. Maybe if you could change the blue on the left to black and work with it a bit itll be fine. And its missing the text :x
    I replied to your message in my shop, please check it out, wasnt sure if you would go back to look
    Why, thankee! I do believe that deserves a bit of a reward; check your User CP.
    Living life and just doing me dude. Got back into rping with valor more than before. I have been murkin noobs and becoming more inspired to tag.
    / [IMG]

    Also, if you wanna see the different colors of either, just lemme know, cause I know these versions are quite sore to the eyes, but I like bright things xP
    I'm working on a different one which I think looks better - just needa get the colors right ^_^
    Not my best work, I must admit xP Spent ages trying to get the right coloring (should see how many I did, haha) but I think this works. Lemme know if you want anything changed, otherwise I'll get onto the avatar.

    hello you might not remember him but I am the cuosin of trazin he told me you and him used to hang alot
    hey patius hows it going, i miss the gang hanging out together remember, you me, brol , sol , dark, bleach and the rest
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